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February 2015 Loot

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A little bit everything here!

Mukkun and Sabo had been on my order list for quite long time but I ended up adding 2 other prize figs there too. Got a bunch of straps as usual and BL manga, as usual.. hahah. Finally got my PS3 from my mom's place to mine so it's was time to get a new game too. I'm about to finish Graces so maybe I'll get Xillia next :D
I was able to get my hands on more Hisoka items too~ (if only I could get that bedsheet now for a reasonable price..orz) The funny Kurobas badges were a nice and cheap find on toranona. Got some for my friends too. Wanted a Kise one as well but the badge was sold out.

I also received a Valentine's Day gift package from SHIZUYA and most of the items are included in this loot pic too. Thank you so much ♥

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Cute loot of figures and goodies!
aww so cute straps. -w-

I hope you have a fun time with your new video game! xDD
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