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Welcome to my sales!

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PM me with offers, even on items in my shop!
If you wonder why the items here are not on my profile, I do not consider items I am selling to be a part of my collection, so I remove them. Pictures can be provided on request
Thank you!

I cannot be responsible for lost packages! If you would like tracking for your item, please let me know when you purchase it!

*HxH sets together
*DRRR novels sold together only
*DRRR manga sold together only
*Selling both English and Japanese DRRR manga
*Ani-Kuji towels as set only
*Shanks Luffy Memories figure has quality issues. PM me for photos
*Hibiki nendo does not come with the "standard" faceplate
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123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007

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