Best Goods from Japan
Hello, thank you for looking! Right now this is mostly for personal reference since some of these items are in storage but feel free to ask about anything listed. Also helping someone else with a few sales. Any of these items can be combined for shipping.

I will be selling some of these off-site but if you'd like anything please leave a comment and I'll let you know if it's available! If you want pictures or an item description for anything let me know. Feel free to make an offer or ask for a price.

Domestic shipping starts at $2.60. International shipping begins at $4. For a more specific shipping quote, please send me a message or comment here.

More items are available here LIST #50644
Also selling some Nendoroid parts. LIST #52257

Free, not including shipping (please read item condition in comments): ITEM #43948
Shinjiro ITEM #193001 is missing Koromaru.
Everything else is either opened and in excellent condition or still new in packaging.
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why did u delete ur account pls come back
Hey! ^^ are these items still available? :)

ITEM #253010
ITEM #253013
ITEM #253007
Hey there! I'm interested in the following items!
ITEM #90075
ITEM #182963
are these still available?
[EDIT] I asked about the availability of some items earlier, but please disregard my request. Thank you anyway!
Hey there! I'm interested in:
ITEM #134385
ITEM #134382
ITEM #112204
ITEM #112205
and ITEM #137903 from your other list
Thank you!
Hi there. I am interested in a few items. My zip code is 94112.
ITEM #78640 ITEM #254636 ITEM #213196 ITEM #245915 ITEM #208162 ITEM #254644 ITEM #156854 ITEM #156859
& ITEM #287726 's naked body.
Ryuukino4年前#10811280Hi! How much for ITEM #65234 ITEM #208162
ITEM #186087
ITEM #176064

Hey there! Someone else is also interested in the Inigo/Azul strap but I'll elt you know if it becomes available.

ITEM #65234 $5
ITEM #208162 $6.5
ITEM #186087 $6
ITEM #176064 $3.5

If you'd like to reserve or buy any of them please send me a PM. c: Thanks for looking!
ibaraki4年前#9238457How much for ITEM #245915 and ITEM #245919 shipped to 98225? Just curious, might not be able to purchase for a few weeks. Thanks!
Hi there! Those are relatively lightweight so it would be $2.65 for shipping. The charms would be $3.1 apiece. Let me know if you'd like to purchase either and I can send you my payment info via PM. :) Thanks!
How much for ITEM #245915 and ITEM #245919 shipped to 98225? Just curious, might not be able to purchase for a few weeks. Thanks!
Best Goods from Japan


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