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☆ started in may 2021 ☆

❝to the stars in my sky.❞

madoka is one of my favorite characters in all of existence. i'm actively collecting goods of her.
you can read the spoilers below to know more about my collection!

notesnotessome notes about my collection:

― i'm actually not the biggest fan of her magical girl uniform, so i'm a little picky with what i collect.
― willing to collect duplicate goods after i clear (most) of my wishlist
― my favorite items to collect of madoka are keychains!
― i very rarely buy goods with kyuubey included

always running after rare goods with absurd prices
my favorite madoka item is ITEM #167020

none of my items are for sale.
grailsgrailscurrent madoka grails!
*entries listed are my top 3 that are in the database

― ☆ ITEM #681250
― ☆ ITEM #675255
― ☆ ITEM #1624618

― ☆ ITEM #490595
― ☆ ITEM #144484
― ☆ ITEM #464665

other wishlist items can be found here.


to see the rest of my pmmm collection, head here.
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