Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Original Akifuku ver. (Taito)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Original Akifuku ver. (Taito)¥ 購入!¥ 購入!

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had the broken foot problem. Unfortunately mine was a grave issue. The figure is a lost cause, there is no more salvation for her. Should I buy a new one or would it be wise to give up on this particular Miku product?
The day of days dawned with me too. I have owned this figure for two and a half years. She was always displayed in the showcase, so she was not exposed to unnecessary movement, so that her leg does not become loose over time. However, I noticed that she was leaning a little too much to the right. I could easily see her plump popo without having to hunker down *cough cough*. I carefully got her out of the display case and noticed that the connection between her foot and lower leg was very loose indeed. So I had to perform an emergency surgery on her. I easily broke off her foot with a little twisting, dripped super strong super glue into the hole in her foot and reattached her foot to her leg. After a few minutes of rest, she is standing quite stably on her leg again. Emergency surgery was successful and hopefully the glue will not give way so quickly.

Since there are some revisions of her with a different color scheme, I wonder if the other figures are more stable? I have not read anything about it.
1000 yen, no box figure very good condition
She's so cute and lasted for 3 years but i had the broken foot problem recently too; glue didn't work for me so i bent a paperclip straight and melted it into her into her leg and foot for support, so she sorta stands now with a slight lean lmfao
Mine lasted a pretty long time, but she finally had her foot snap off. So disappointing :(
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She's so beautiful but also such a pain sometimes
Her leg broke off when i first got it, i was able to fix it with superglue
Im not sure everyone else has this issue but her ponytails don't fit too well with my figure, they can fall off at the slightest touch.
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