Kara no Kyoukai - Gengashuu - Mujun Rasen Gengashuu - B (Ufotable)Kara no Kyoukai - Gengashuu - Mujun Rasen Gengashuu - B (Ufotable)¥ 購入!¥ 購入!

Kara no Kyoukai - Gengashuu - Mujun Rasen Gengashuu - B (Ufotable)
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02/2009 As Exclusive
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244 pages, A4
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No ISBN but has model number "UFOKKG-00052n". Part 2 of a 2 set collection. Sold exclusively on ufotable's web shop.


There are many books like this one on MFC, so it's quite confusing what to order if you're interested in the key animation artwork of the Garden of Sinners movies. This "Mujun Rasen B" book is about the second half of the fifth movie in the series, which I consider to be the best.

This set consists of a nice hardcover black box and two artbooks. There is also a set of two artbooks called Mujun Rasen A (ITEM #43692) which covers the first half of the movie. So that means there are four artbooks which cover the fifth movie, to be collected in two sets. There's also ITEM #44794 which covers both the fourth and fifth movie and is in full-colour, unlike this set. Looking at the pagecount the monochrome collection contains much more artwork than the full-colour book though. Confused yet?

Now that we have that confusing collecting info out of the way, let's look at this set of two books. There is one small 84 pages book and one bigger 160 pages book. The small book is what you'd expect from a key animation book, it is full of key animation sketches. No text, just artwork in different sizes and several sequences.
The bigger book is something different though. The instructions explain it well: you take the book in one hand and quickly flip through the pages with the other hand. Then you'll see the characters move! Each page only contains one sketch and every two pages (on the same sides of the paper) there is the next sketch in the sequence. Not all of them, but enough to see how they animated those scenes. The following cuts are in this book:
[I'll have to add this in later.]

I conclude that the 9 monochrome collections (one for each movie + one extra for movies 5 and 7) are worth collecting. The flip-through option is a nice feature. It's a pity that the covers look all the same though and I wish the contents were in colour.

I uploaded a few photos.
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