Cross Edge - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 (OOXOO)Cross Edge - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 (OOXOO)¥ 購入!¥ 購入!

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Cross Edge - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 (OOXOO)
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Release date
02/2010 As Limited + Exclusive
¥12,000 轉換成USD
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Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Someone needs to make a pvc of this concept. Morrigan from Cross Edge = pure win.
At last I got her by mail. If my schedule allows, I'd like to have her finished within the month at least :) Definitely a must-have for any succubus or Darkstalkers fan.
Finally got an original of this. Very sexy figure and a near perfect sculpt, the only issue is the head seems a wee bit small for the body (but not as small as Bayonetta lol) and the distance between the eyes look a bit wide. Definitely the best Morrigan figure out there and THE ONE to own.
Finally got a payment request for her. She'll be shipped soon enough :)
I really want to get this kit, but there's just something about the face that doesn't look right when compared against the original concept drawing its based on. Maybe the eyes are sculpted slightly too far wide apart? The rest of the figure is perfect though, excellent body, leg and arm proportions and good pose.
Sorry but, I think it's Morrigan from Cross Edge. www.creativeunc...
Thanks Knsora, I'll do my best to get it but my credit card is going through tough times, the site seems great to get this rare figures even if I don't get this one I'm sure I'll end up getting something from them in the future, thanks again.
I want this so bad, is the only figure that resembles the look of Morrigan that I like, any ideas where can I get this? seems impossible :S