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Panty Anarchy
Panty Anarchy
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Aratamaru - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Panty Anarchy - Stocking Anarchy - Comics - Doujinshi - Night Head S&K (Circle Taihei-Tengoku)


The older of the Anarchy sisters, Panty is portrayed as a sexy celebrity blonde. She is always looking for men to sleep with, although her low standards and impulsive choices can lead to her dissatisfaction after the act. Panty does not take her Ghost-hunting duties as seriously as Stocking, instead preferring to fulfill her personal goal of having sex with one thousand men on Earth before she returns to Heaven. She is rude and aggressive, and shows fondness for living a celebrity lifestyle, especially when it gets her closer to the men she craves. Among the cast, she is most prone to swearing-frequently in English. She likes spicy food and hates sugar, which can lead to arguments with Stocking.

Panty has the ability to turn her panties into a semi-automatic pistol called "Backlace" (バックレース). With a second pair of panties (usually Stocking's), she can wield two Backlaces, doubling her firepower and allowing her to combine them into advanced firearms (such as a machine gun or a sniper rifle). It is revealed that she can weaponize any sort of underwear (male or female), though this tends to be somewhat unreliable and prone to giving her completely useless weapons. Garterbelt describes her as being the more powerful of the two angels.
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