Mitsukai Dokuro
Mitsukai Dokuro
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Dokuro is a cute killer angel of Rurutie (a committee of angels that protect the domain of God) from the future brought back through time to kill Sakura Kusakabe, but decides to save him instead. Mostly, she is just like any other teenage girl but draws her magical spiked kanabō (club), "Excalibolg" and brutally clubs her victim to death with it when other girls shout/slap to express their displeasure. Dokuro has super-human strength and endurance (because of this she often underestimates her own strength and harms Sakura), and is also capable of bringing someone back to life with Excalibolg by chanting "Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi". She also can, and does, use her magic to cause humans to transform into animals or to completely erase them from existence, mainly as an excuse to pair up with Sakura. When she is not brutally killing Sakura she teases him mercilessly, mostly using sexual innuendo and lifting her skirt or shirt. Dokuro is in love with Sakura and hints that they have kissed (though Sakura vehemently denies this). Eventually, she founds a school club dedicated to watching wood glue dry, after gaining a teacher's approval using some sort of torture involving "the nerves of your teeth". She promptly coerces Sakura into becoming its second member (by sticking him onto a board and leaving him there until he joins) and has stated her desire to achieve the national championship in this particular 'sport'. As of the second season, Dokuro has become more "comfortable" with Sakura seeing her nude.
Voiced by: Saeko Chiba (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)

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