Its been released. The proxy service I use said its ready for shipment.
Definitely one of my favorites from ACDC rag. The artwork is just amazing I'd wear this everyday if I could
It's gonna be nsfw?
Pre-orders open tomorrow for 25,850 yen until a unspecified date (will know by tomorrow)


Still looking for this to go with Konata <3
MikuEd7小時前#130563484No, this isn't normal for the Racing Miku FIGMA line. The examples you gave are scale figure releases, which are known for their delays across the industry. Plus, all those examples you gave are from different manufacturers. The anniversary Mikus are by GoodSmile Company, MM2023 is by Design Coco, and MM2019 and MM2020 (summer) are by Furyu. Each have their own ways of releasing figures, but for the Magical Mirai ones, at least, it's tradition that they're released the following year, as you said (and no, they don't begin production after the concert. They start it well in advance but don't announce it because they cannot pre-empt the reveal of the Magical Mirai design for that year). This is partly for marketing since they use the figures in the exhibits at the shows themselves.
Figmas, however, are manufactured by MaxFactory, which is a different company but partnered with GoodSmile (Notice that the manufacturer in this entry is "GoodSmile Racing" and not GoodSmile Company. GSR is a subsidiary of GSC but the manufacturing of figures is by MaxFactory, hence it is placed as "producer"). Racing Miku figmas are unique in that they directly fund the GoodSmile Racing team. And I would know because I'm a personal sponsor for the past 5 or so years. They would typically ship out by the end of the race season (which is November) of the same year. Things started to get delayed when the pandemic happened, but at least 2020 and 2021 shipped out in January of the succeeding year. 2022 was delayed into May of this year, so seeing 2023 delayed into August just shows you that despite the pandemic easing up, MaxFactory is ramping up production to the detriment of release schedules. You can see this in their Figma line expansion for new collaborations and their upcoming PLAMATEA line.

i stand corrected ToT
TheAnimeChamber23天前#130497514Anybody know when this is supposed to be released?
They start shipping on December 6.
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Are you by any chance still looking for this Inumaki Plush?
ITEM #1149925
I genuinely cannot wait for this
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Are you by any chance still looking for this Inumaki Plush?