Hm, is there a way to rent a car? I happened to be able to buy mine through a friend who rented one and I was able to transport it in the car. Maybe it would be worth trying it or even looking it up? I'm sorry if someone suggested this already I didn't read all the comments. :<
Good luck though, my friend
OMG I have to have him!!! I can't believe they gave him his cat...to adorable!!!
Well...I may just try to make a corner one. If I do normal shelving with lights in each cubby, and make it a triangle with a flat front versus curved, that would only mean I have to buy one large piece of glass.....and I could also make it as tall as I want and could even make a little storage area in the very bottom (since figures floor level are hard to see anyway). It's one thought at least....just a lot of work. :(

Smaller pieces of glass aren't that high, so i could do glass shelves too......then could get away with less lighting since the light would pass through, but just making the shelves out of the same wood would be pretty straightforward I think....

Oh well, we'll see....
Cybogirl (22分鐘前) #30899307No problem, thank you for accepting! It's nice to meet you!

Likewise!!! :D
rai (12分鐘前) #30899312thanks for accepting my FR! i like your photos as well <3

Ah, thanks so much...glad you like them, as I really enjoy making them!!! ...and you're very welcome! :D
...I'm seriously checking the item page almost every since the start of January hoping for updates on the release date.
9分鐘前 (8分鐘前)TheSonuTheSonu
McBigMaik (5小時前) #30899041because of license restrictions.
You will get her only in Japan.

Figured. Still, the license being Nintendo's, I find it weird that this is suddenly JP only. They've had no problems with Link and the other figures, like Fire Emblem. I hope they change their mind before release.
10分鐘前 (8分鐘前)PanchitoMattePanchitoMatte
I just posted my first review of a recently released figure yesterday. I'll admit: it was a nerve-racking ordeal — until I reassured myself that it wasn't too important.

I would highly suggest taking a look at past reviews posted HERE, as that was my strategy for formatting my own. When it comes to presenting the figure to the reader, most people will do a combination of photos and text. If your camera isn't that good (by what standard, I am unaware), I would suggest being as precise and descriptive as you can, to supplement what a picture might fail to provide (i.e. clarity, resolution, color accuracy...). The camera I used — a Nikon COOLPIX L110 from February 2010 — is showing its age, but you'd be surprised how much better a photo turns out if the lighting is bright and evenly distributed.

Suggested content to include:
  • Current item availability
  • Price at the time of purchase
  • Quality (whether it meets or fails your standards
  • Photos of key aspects (i.e. head, body, base, packaging...)
  • If similar items exist (i.e. another figure by a different manufacturer), how it compares
RubyRed (21分鐘前) #30899308mykombini... mmmm... never heard of that shop before, do you recommend him?
I never had any problems with them so I would, though I've read miyed feedback on other sites too.
A plus is definitely them undervaluing, I even had a scale slip through customs that way. Besides they sometimes get exclusives other shops don't for fairly rasonable prices. They need to be paid fully up front or 50% most of the time then, shipping will be invoiced after the item arrives though.
Sometimes they are a bit slow to ship out stuff too, but not unreasonably so (imo).
I first tried them since I couldn't find the rerelease of item #215491 elsewhere for a reasonable price, but I'm failry satisfied so far (made 3 orders through them).
imo your review can be as detailed or as freeform as you like. Think about what you like to read in a review, what things people say that make you go 'Oh, that makes me interested in this figure' (the best reviews make you go 'I never thought of this figure in that way, that makes me appreciate even more!'), and what areas you would like to highlight, such as what made you really excited about the figure.

I don't think it's necessary to capture HD photos of a figure to write a review, my reviews all use my iPhone 6, often in dismal lighting, and they've been semi-well accepted, haha. To me, the way photos make a review more engaging is to highlight details that you like (or dislike), and to explain the points of your review. I don't feel interested when a review is 5 photos in a row with only a sparse paragraph. I want to know 'Why are you showing me this photo? What's so interesting about what you're showing me?' So photos should be well-accompanied by captions. Of course, your descriptions need to be accompanied by photos as well so that people know what you're talking about. There's nothing more irritating than when a review goes 'I really dis/like this or that detail' without showing any pictures of what they mean, and it's boring to boot.

When a review is done well, I'll read it for anything, regardless of whether or not it's for a figure I'm interested in n_n Looking forward to your reviews!
thanks for accepting my FR! i like your photos as well <3
KalasRaven (9天前) #3089196412000 yen for something THIS SIMPLE??? HAHAHA yeah no. That's ridiculous. I guess my hopes of getting Eren from the same line is smashed.That's what I was thinking. I saw the price tag and nearly laughed aloud.
mykombini... mmmm... never heard of that shop before, do you recommend him?
Stacycmc (3小時前) #30899163Thanks for the FR! :DNo problem, thank you for accepting! It's nice to meet you!
Wndrenvy (5小時前) #30899067 I do enjoy doing personality test though, as a guy. But maybe not that often since I really need to concentrate doing these questions. Its like, you are forced to think of things that you take for granted, for example, when I read the question of whether I am practical or creative I was like, WHICH ONE AM I??! I took some time to choose really. Its kinda fun xD

For sure, I enjoy the way it makes you look at things you take for granted or never even think about!

I forgot to ask - in the survey description, it says "so people who can participate are people who collect anime figure. Not BJD or western toys collector."

What does BJD mean?
23分鐘前 (18分鐘前)DardDrakDardDrak
Minha primeira figure - e bootleg ainda por cima - veio pra mim em agosto de 2016, estou nessa há pouco tempo.

Pelos Correios só ouvirá essas desculpas mesmo - que não deixam de ser mentiras considerando a defasagem de pessoal na empresa, ainda que abusem delas para justificar tudo que é problema -, porque no momento não há nenhuma nota oficial constando a orientação para falar ao cliente sobre essa greve dos auditores fiscais - se um atendente disser sobre isso estará falando mais do que deveria, e certamente perderia alguns pontinhos na avaliação caso a ligação fosse pega para ser monitorada.
Obrigado por aceitar meu FR

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