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takenyaka (10分鐘前) #24963792Gave up my preorder, tired of waiting. Shame on you, Orchid Seed.

I am starting to wonder if this will be ever released. There was so many problems already with this figure(like canceled preorders from most stores for non-japan buyers) that if this come out someday, aftermarket price for this will be ridiculous.
2分鐘前sarioussarious Chino is Life
A wild Umaru!
I have some, I simply keep them stored away.
If I really want to get rid of them, I give them away in FB groups or local selling groups - people only have to pay shipping or get them for free if they are in the area to pick them up. That works quite well, but of course you don't gain any money from it.
From: rufusdrumknott (participant)

♫Thread: Suruga-ya GO (July)

♫Rating: Positive

♫Comments/Recommendations: Super friendly and helpful in answering questions, items arrived safely. Awesome host, thank you so much ♡
10分鐘前takenyakatakenyaka Lunar Kaworu
Gave up my preorder, tired of waiting. Shame on you, Orchid Seed.
I am binge-reading all your blog posts about the grab boxes, and I must say I am dying at all the Eren Tamashii Buddies you have now X'DDDDDDDDDD
I wish I had a larger size, so I could use it as a desktop
Don't see why people are being so snarky, a good company listens to feedback and that's exactly what GSC has done which is more than I can say for a lot of other big companies. I'm happy with them :D

It is a shame that it didn't happen until after the WonFes order period tho ^^; Oh well, win some, lose some.
lol it end up having pre order w/o the book...oh well still worth :/
I hope orange rouge starts doing TR figmas soon. And Nakigitsune to be one of them.

This GK looks geat tho
46分鐘前 (46分鐘前)loveanimeloveanime
welkinG (10小時前) #24949924so far all my native pos came with the postcard. but yeah, if you want to be sure better ask before po
Thank you for the update. I checked with them and they replied "Everything for pre orders, we receive the post card. So normally for this one also we should have it"."
51分鐘前 (50分鐘前)MeeshoMeesho
mmkfac (1小時前) #24962329Happy Birthday to U ^__^

Thanks a lot :D :*
robert18 (13天前) #24447339I don't so sure about this, but I think the postcard is now exclusive from the Skytube store, at least that's the case with other Skytube recent releases.

I got mine from Jlist and got the card and I think the wall too.
niallums (1天前) #24889950What Pokémon do you think she might come with? wishiwashi? cause Lilie came with cosmog, so following from the game.
Rejean235 (18小時前) #24918879You did not applied sufficient force, they must be very tight.item #464891

Thanks so much for the page link!!!! I wasn't sure if they came off, so I didn't want to apply too much force. Thanks! I'll try again tomorrow morning!

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