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I pre-ordered mine. I always wanted a Mazinkaiser. :)

As stated by GSC: モデロイドは『作って遊べる、さらに作り込んで楽しめる「フィギュアモデルキット」をコンセプトに、ロボ、メカ、他キャラクターを商品化するシリーズ』。またモデロイドのマジンカイザーは第1弾のほかにも企画が進行中とのこと。

The concept of "build it and play with it" and "having fun building it" is intended to be applied on "robots", "mecha" and "other characters". I'm mostly in intrigued by the other character part, as I would love to have figma-ish model kits to work with as with the FAG line from Kotobukiya; although they might also be none-articulated simple building statues like other Koto lines, who knows.

I would love to have kits from "mecha-anime" ala Infinite Stratos, Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut, Symphogear and so one, but at this point it is only wishful thinking of mine. In a more realistic approach I would like Zegapain Garuda, Gravion, Godannar and some other super robot series.

This line will never be as big as Gundam in my opinion. There's always a new Gundam series at the round of the corner, there's a huge infrastructure dedicated to that, and Bandai is just a very big company; just nothing will be as popular and convenient as Gunpla to dominate the hobby market.

Nevertheless, I'll certainly put my money on whatever GSC releases that catches my interest. :)
Me: I'm quitting figure collecting until I graduate
...looks like that ain't happening soon huh
Wow, this is super cute. I hope GSC makes more for this line, I'm going to keep a close eye on it. :D
Freeing has just announced Ram: Bunny Version for pre-order! She is suppose to be released in May 2018 along with her sister Rem

MFC Link:
item #549503

GSC Link:
[ext link ]
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GirlCollector (17小時前) #29744592Oh wow, I didn't even realize you drew art until now. :) You're talented indeed! Provided you take commissions, maybe I'll grab one sometime.

Ahhh, thank you! :D I'm doing my best to improve and eventually dedicate myself to my art completely. I actually already requested a resignation, but they are so slumped with work that they are asking me to stay a couple more months; I'm still evaluation that.

My commissions are permanently opened (until I someday change my mind lol), so feel free to request one. Info is up on my deviantART, link for future reference:
[ext link ]
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Shes been added in the entry. I edited both. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
Eda should be added as illustrator to the entry item #608262
*skipped the word in alert text, sorry.
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Couldn't you just edit the artist entry? It's in draft mode.

So will there be switchable parts because in the unpainted version hes holding the Death Note?
So I just broke the neck peg after trying to remove his head for the first time! Does anyone have any experience dealing with Daiki regarding qc issues?
AkiKitazawa (9小時前) #29758194When I first saw one of them I wasn't quite conviced as I'm not into feminine boys. But after seeing them placed together I'm not sure what I'll do. I also have my eye on the 10 count bunny figures so...

The two of them are so cute together T_____T
But like $35 for each + possible $30 shipping is $100 for two figures that are three inches tall :<
I might buy these at a later time but the 10 Count bunny boys are still my priority!! ( praying so bad the 1/4 scale goes to a 1/7!!!!! )
Lazuli (1天前) #29737229 And Saturn's which was never ever made into a toy. I wonder.

Because Saturn doesn't have any rod in the 90's anime. Not even in the manga... ( none of the outer senshi have xD ).
Wolfragnium (1小時前) #29768216Awww, poor thing! I'd love to give her some company!Just sitting near her.
She's gonna be okay.

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