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    How do i join this club? I'd like to join. thanks.
    AmiAmi lists "compatible bodies" under "Specifications". Hobby Search has the same information in chart form in the description. Mia uses a Pure Neemo Medium body by default so it's usually listed something like "PN Girl - M" in sizing charts.
    Oh gods, I have like 30 picture of her now. I cannot post them all. She really is very cute and I like her very much. I am working on the boat picture. I think "I got if for a song is cute." Cause she is the witchy of the song.
    Thanks everyone for your reply.
    Hey, where do I find reliable clothing for a pure neemo flection doll? I keep googling, but it does not provide positive results. AmiAmi has some things, but they don't show sizing. ?
    Thanks again everyone. Mia is the best. I am very happy she is here with me now. I hold her in my hands as we watch music videos together. gods I am silly. But I like doing this.
    /me smiles.
    I promise I am not as strange as I read in this post.
    Yes, if you mean that her hair is staticy, the hair mist is great. It can sometimes be hard to catch it in stock on retail sites though, so you may have to check around Amazon or EBay or something to find some if you want it in a hurry. You do tend to end up overpaying but it might be better than waiting months or whatever before the normal sites restock it.

    As for uploading pictures, click your name in the upper-right, then "My Pictures" and on that page, to the right of your avatar, there's a small upload icon you can click. When you upload it you can associate it with the product(s) pictured and it will appear on that product's page, as well.

    Edit: You should also add her to your collection page. That's what this site is mainly for. =P
    DaveL (4個月前) #38151233

    Congrats on your first Azone! They are lovely dolls ^^
    If it ever comes back in stock the azone hair mist or wax might help with the flyaway hairs! There's also a rather active facebook group if you aren't there already www.facebook.co...
    Hi. I just got my first Azone. She is very. very pretty. I realize this is not a very active club. that is fine by me, but if anyone wants to chat do please post.
    That posted, I like her very much. She is MIA witch of the song and I have combed her hair like five times already. It flies away. I suspect "She" doesn't like so much attention. I am a silly person.
    I know "she" is a doll, but I am really happy that Doll Mia has come to sit on my desk. Her expression and clothing are wonderful and her boots, while a pain in the A to put on are totally awesome. They are boots made for walking = for those of you older that know the song.
    I don't know how to post pictures of her, but I have already taken several. She is just so cute.

    So I am chatting here to meet you folks who do not chat much. I think Mia is amazing and Azone did an amazing job with her. I plan to sit her on the bow of a boat next and take more photos. give her one hand thumbs up and the other touching the boat as if it is all her's for a song.

    Smiles to the community and club. Hi.

    if anyone is wondering and see that Mia witch of the song sitting in a window wanting a home. Get her. The doll is awesome.
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    PinkieVoltage (8個月前) #32890886I recently re-bodied a Dal head onto a Pureneemo XS body and her hand peg snapped in half when I went to remove her hand to change clothes.
    Anybody have any experience with removing a broken hand joint from a wrist?
    Sorry if you've already found an answer but maybe a process of removing broken nendoroid neck pegs or figma joints could help with ideas? I think you can use a very fine point drill bit or a heated needle to stick into the plastic stuck in the 'hole' area and once it's in there you can maneuver it out? I hope whatever you do works!
    I recently re-bodied a Dal head onto a Pureneemo XS body and her hand peg snapped in half when I went to remove her hand to change clothes.

    Anybody have any experience with removing a broken hand joint from a wrist?
    yurii (10個月前) #31145499snip
    Thanks, yurii!
    Grailed_Cheese (10個月前) #31072434snip
    For your first question, the doll you have is on the 50cm obitsu body and 'AZO2' refers to the chest part only. You can see this in the dolls info right at the bottom of the page [www.azone-int.c...]. So any shoes should fit if they're marked "for 50cm".

    For your 2nd question, yes that is accurate. The ◎ means best fit, △ means tight fit and of course ❌ means no fit.

    Hope that helps.
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