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This club is for everyone who loves redhead characters.

Please post a comment if you see any characters or items you want linked to the club. Also let me know if you know of any great pictures to use, I definitely want to add some pictures to the front page and make it look nice. Thanks everyone!

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goku9456 (4年前) #1349138Thanks Enkidulga, just linked the stuff you posted!

Thanks Enkidulga, just linked the stuff you posted!
Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so lax about updating since starting this club. I'm going to be putting effort in to try and make this an awesome club from now on! Please let me know if you see any characters or figures that should be linked to the club, or if any great pictures of redheads to use here. Thanks everyone, with your help we can make this the best club on mfc!
I just unpacked my Rias Gremory when I got home from work.. smaller then what I would have imagined for a 1/8 th figurine. I would say looks more like a 1/6th then an 1/8 if I compare to my Moka Akashiya figurine. Other then that she is sweet but does smell of plastic or would it be paint...

Glad I did get here though.

Now for the rest of the cast when they come out with a decent Figurine for them.
Added her in, thanks for the suggestion!
What about Rias Gremory?
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This is almost a Tamaki club... We need more reds around here >:
Where's Yoko Littner?

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