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Spare Parts
Stuck with a broken figure you can't use? Need some spare parts, or you've lost some? Come to Spare Parts where you can sell, buy and swap all the parts you'll ever need!


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Authentic mint condition nendo parts for sale! (Between $2 - $10)
Untouched other than transferring them from their paper boxes to a plastic box.

Blank face plate $2

Eren Jaeger
Red motion thingums $2
Gas part $2
Nice pole $2
White shirt body + arms $7
Angry face plate $5
Scared face plate $5

Levi (normal version)
Teeth clenching face plate $5
Looking down face plate $5
Gas part $2

Levi (cleaning version)
Shouting face plate $5

Kuroo Tetsurou
Intense face plate $5

Kozume Kenma
O mouth face plate $5

Tsukishima Kei
Full set brand new $40
Default face plate $5
Serious face plate $5
Ball $2
Glasses $3
Stand $6
Hair $7
Face plate $5
Body + arms + legs $10 (Arms and legs you can choose any 1 pair, let me know)


Paypal only (fees applicable)
Listed price + shipping
I'm located in Asia, will ship worldwide!
Does anyone have spare parts from zh.myfigurecoll... they’re willing to sell? I bought a parts entry on eBay, but while it hasn’t arrived yet, I can tell the hands are most likely missing.

Edit: Turns out they were actually selling an expensive bootleg. Luckily they accept returns...
Looking for spare accessory braces for Nendoroid Meteora
When putting together the floating gun accessories for Nendoroid Meteors, four of the plastic braces snapped in half, easily during assembly. If anybody has any of the thin braces that came with this Nendoroid, and are willing to spare one or more, please PM me.

The figure entry page and desired items can be seen here
ITEM #573292
Thank you in advance.
Looking for the botton bit at the end of Fire Emblem's Elise nendoroid staff:

This one: ITEM #396886

I'm from New Mexico, USA, please PM!
Looking to buy just the front hairpiece for ITEM #396852, from Singapore. PM me! :-D
Hi! I am looking for a Yuri Katsuki Free skate version right and left arm =) due to an accident I don`t have them anymore! I am willing to pay 30$ for both arms. let me knof if you have any <3 it would mean a lot to me
My Skyward Sword Link's left arm is broken. Is there a spare left arm for him that I can purchase?
Looking to buy:
Meta Knight's slash stand. Base and arm
Looking to buy:
Godoka's nendoroid stand ITEM #126443
Snow Miku's Twintail peg, since even the spare peg broke on mine... ITEM #73637

Please PM me if you have some spare ones.^^"
Looking to buy:
Love Live Nozomi Tojo training outfit twintails.
I bought the nendoroid secondhand and the seller forgot the twintails and have not sent them, and the seller has not responded in a while.
Please PM me if you have them.