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We Love Monster Girls!
Is there really anything else that needs to be said?

Accepting all monster girls! Even the ones that are just like, boring elves and succubi.

Drawing the line at kemonomimi though, dammit. Unless she’s wacked out or a furry, then a catgirl is just a catgirl.

Always feel free to enlighten your fellow collector about unknown monster girls, please!
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Ah, nice to see Shalltear getting a Nendoroid release finally.
ITEM #1659416

Hopefully Good Smile spreads some more love around for other Overlord Guardians (Lupu, Entoma, Solution, more...?)
tomura shigaraki ♡
Two girls from One-Punch Man

Entry #93023 (Mosquito Musume)
Entry #242608 (Kaijin Hime Do-S)
ghostbyun ✧ jyudai + rena simp ✧
Possibly Entry #193106 along with Item #1240417? :3
Here are some characters that can possibly qualify for this group.

ENTRY #109864 (Lamia)
ENTRY #193988 (Anthro hyena)
ENTRY #218054 (Salamander girl)
ENTRY #193981 (Octopus mermaid)
ENTRY #204796 (Not any particular type of monster, but she has demon like qualities, and she is confirmed to be non-human)
ENTRY #205079 (Harpy)
ENTRY #205080 (Cyclops)
ENTRY #205077 (Mermaid)
ENTRY #205076 (Centaur)
ENTRY #204351 (Lamia)
ENTRY #205078 (Rachnee)
ENTRY #163687 (Lamia)
ENTRY #167031 ( A gajinka version of Bowser)
ENTRY #126231 (Dragon girl)
ENTRY #126233 (Dragon girl)
ENTRY #101110 (Dragon girl)
ENTRY #126232 (Dragon girl)

And these series could possibly qualify.
ENTRY #101109
ENTRY #143743

Sorry that this is a bit lengthy.
Well despite being half a spider something like this ITEM #1224839.
Moribundead モリバンデッド
And is this monster enough? ITEM #235823 ^^

EDIT: And ENTRY #230706 ?
Moribundead モリバンデッド
Interested in ghost girls? tag/251280
Saw that you included a mermaid. Mind to introduce you ENTRY #213266?