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Disabled Characters
A club for finding and appreciating disabled representation in otaku media! <3 Abled and disabled alike are welcome, but disrespect will not be tolerated.

This club catalogues characters with both physical and mental disabilities!

There is an unfortunately small number of disabled characters in media, so this is a place where people can hopefully discover new media that speaks to the disabled experience.

Recommendations are much appreciated! Feel free to comment on your favorite characters and why you interpret them as disabled.

Not a headcanon group. Only characters with canon or heavily implied disabilities will be linked. We have a forum for sharing HC’s though!

Though this isn’t a fetish group, characters from fetish media are still welcome!

Also be aware that looking through the list here is bound to contain spoilers!! As many of these characters do not begin their journey with a disability

Mod also runs @Disabled_OTD on Twitter!
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Shouldn't Dharkan's comment be removed from the club? It does seem kind of discrimination to me.
Figures of characters who are wheelchair users:

ITEM #1252609
ITEM #5524
ITEM #22550
ITEM #56573
ITEM #94417
ITEM #98927
ITEM #150630
ITEM #192058
ITEM #318813
ITEM #712908
ITEM #396578
ITEM #363332
ITEM #294019 this one makes me very happy. Just her enjoying getting out of the chair sittibg in the grass.
ITEM #1281995
ITEM #38625
ITEM #29221
ITEM #38653 Clara holding herself up.
ITEM #125470
Would ENTRY #1768 count? please let me know if I was wrong !
for Sheryl, View spoilerHide spoilerShe was born with the V-Type virus in her body, which eventually reaches the brain and kills the host. It leaves her in the hospital often in the series and keeps her from singing for the latter-half of the anime. She's never "cured" from it, but the virus cells are moved from her brain into her abdomen which stops it from doing any more damage to her brain. IIRC in the second movie she becomes comatose from the complications.
Invisible disabilites are still disabilities. Including all characters with anxiety and psychiatric disorders would be accurate.
Hi just found this group and I'm rly happy it exists! I'd like to suggest durarara spoilersdurarara spoilersENTRY #1748, he uses a wheelchair after the main series' ending, and has PTSD.
tomura shigaraki ♡
Dharkan1個月前#110599452That's not how disabilities work.


Although mental disabilities are called impairments; I don't feel like getting into internet fights over trivial fictional characters but the CDC defines disabilities as anything that limited or restricts how you do in everyday life, anxiety is one. Thanks.
tomura1個月前#110571857She has severe social anxiety which impares her ability to communicate 'normally'.

That's not how disabilities work.