留言 Ordered figures that never arrived?

  • I have been ordering stuff from Lazada and Shopee for many, many months now.

    None of them are delayed and/or have not arrived, at least so far.
    I ordered a bandai echidna from preowned section of amiami, I chose the unregistered shipping but I'm from Mexico, which means without tracking number it's easier to steal T_T
    There was a Gundam X bootleg action figure I ordered like 15 years ago that never showed up.
    Mine will be this ITEM #672009

    I ordered off a merchant (let me call him "X") based in China and for about 2.5 months it was never shipped.

    Initially, I gave X benefit of doubt as they had decent credibility and China was having Covid lockdowns which lasted to this day. However, as some regions were reopening, I noticed that my other purchases from other merchants in the exact same city (where X was based) has started shipping to me. So, I message X and was informed that they would get it shipped in another week. Three weeks went by and there was no progress, so I started sending alerts every week. Finally after four alerts, I submitted an ultimatum and a refund request then X message me that they overlooked to tell me that they still cant ship due to lockdown. Honestly, I lowkey find X's explanation BS since the other merchants in the same region could ship and I have also alerted/reminded them on multiple occasions to no response.

    The silver lining to this story was that X refunded swiftly and I managed to find another merchant selling said figure for cheaper. Got the figure in 1 week from then :)
    Ordered 1131791 from Amiami with DHL. Never had any issues, so signed in advance for it because it was pestering me with emails and texts with a "Sign in advance" thing.

    Was "delivered", never saw it. Couldn't find it, if someone in my complex got it, they never brought it to me. I was devastated! Found it used later and re-bought it, but god, I'm still not over it. I still don't trust DHL after that mis-delivery.
    It's been a year now ever since my Myethos Miku hasn't been shipped.
    I can't say that mine never arrived... But it was showing as missing for many months! I ordered ITEM #802593 from AmiAmi while it was still on pre-order and picked SAL for shipping. I watched the shipping like a hawk, even though it updated MAYBE 3-4 times before it just... stopped.

    It'd been 4 months since the last update when I decided to head down to my post office to check with them about it. I remember the moment I got to the front and told them about my package, the person working the booth had a look of recognition. As it turns out, the package had become a local resident for nearly 3 months! The post office had lost track of the package and forgot to put it in my PO box... And apparently, they were preparing to send it back that very day! Talk about a close call... :)

    Reading these other articles, I realise just how lucky I am. I feel bad for y'all! I'm sorry you lost so many dear figures. :(
    ITEM #91543 ITEM #613674
    My poor boy... :(
    What I THINK happened was that, at the time my local post office where they were being sent into a parcel locker was having issues. Like a few times they hadn't notified me I had a package that didn't fit in the locker or the lockers were full, so they instead just kept it in the post office. For exmaple once I went to pick up a package there that I had a notif for. But then noticed the package they gave me...didn't match the tracking info I had for the one they said I had for pick up. So I had to go back for it. Around the time it should have come, I had those issues and since they only keep them for so long. I think they just sent it back. They were sent via SAL and NipponYassan being the shop I bought them from, it was hard to deal with. So RIP my boys, wherever they are lol.

    I only ever ended up buying ITEM #91543 again. I couldn't find the other one for near retail price. Yes. I am also still very sad about it. It's one of my favourite series and characters ever. :(
    I've only had this happen to me once a long time ago. I bought a set of gachapon Naruto figures from eBay. The seller was from China I believe. The figures never arrived so I contacted the seller. He was super nice and simply refunded my order. He told me to tell him if they ever arrived and then I could send him the payment back. They never did sadly and that was the end of it. I've thought about ordering some again from time to time, but they were never any figures that I was just dying to have.
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    I bought ITEM #36176 used and it got lost in the mail. It was my second time purchasing that figure too, I originally sold it during hard times and desperately wanted a replacement. I eventually purchased it from Yahoo! Japan through a proxy and am still waiting on her currently, really hoping she arrives safely so I don't have to purchase a 4th time >_<
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