留言 Are you doing less with collecting this year?

  • I am not working on spending less this year. Come on, I almost bought nothing in the first half of this year. I have done my best.

    I have a nendo preorder in the waiting room and that’s it for this year. I was looking forward the Sakura Figma back then, but was turned off by MF when they decide to make it a bundle with Shinji. So, thank you Max Factory I guess?
    Diancie ꒰´꒳`∗꒱
    I think so, I don't buy figures like I used to and I got rid of half of my figure collection already. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't need so many figures nor do I have the space for more than two detolf cabinets. Since that's my limit, I try to hold myself back from impulsive buying. And if I do get new figures, I look at my current collection and think "hmm..would I buy that figure today if given the chance?" and if the answer is no, I get rid of said figure.
    My accounting is so bad , I have 29 figures hopefully I can get them this year but 14 of them need to pay .
    I'm pretty sure most of the figures I want won't come out till next year. I hope that ITEM #795129 will actually be released next month, but even if it does, it won't be available untill august / september here in Germany. Right now that's my only preorder. I was going to preorder ITEM #805979 last week, but unfortunately she seems to be sold out at all the German shops already, which is pretty uncommon, since their release date is january 2021. Guess I have to order either from Japan or Austria. I might preorder ITEM #676599 next month. Other than that I don't feel like preordering anything else from my wish list. The only other figure I "need" for my collection is ITEM #806161 and I'm pretty sure that shops will get more figures of her, since High School DxD is a bigger franchise.

    I plan on getting a few already released figures, but i think it won't be more than 5 scales.
    I am definitely spending less (both on figures and other stuff), even without intentionally putting effort into it. So many figures are delayed with the pandemic, and vacations and outings are pretty much off the table - so the money saves itself.

    I have 6 preorders for this year so far, so I think I am pretty good.
    My accounting is done fortnightly, though that doesn't have much of an affect on my collecting.

    Have already rocketed past last year's total spend of somewhere around 300,000yen. I'm projecting somewhere between 450-500,000yen by the end of 2020.

    Have 8 scales, 8 Nendoroids and 3 Masterpiece Transformer pre-orders outstanding at the moment but have been holding off pulling the trigger on a few others.
    Goal is to take back room. Figures are well organized but 400+ boxes is just messed up.

    I know im destroying value, but im only keeping parts of the inserts just to protect fragile parts. This way i can pack 5 figures into one original box if i have to move someday.

    Goal is to take back 10 cubic feet per week. Let's see how it goes by August
    I stop on the collecting few years ago, too many figures, too many cash, and responabilities kick in.... collecting was ruled out, i still buy 1 or 2 figures trough the year (i have one this year)

    This Pandemic, in regard of collecting, haven affected me... my job is classificated as "essential" and i havent stopped working, but i know several who have been forced to stop and others who get fired

    I spend the less i can, help the people i care about...

    Theres still room for figures i really want and i will purchase, but the speed of purchase is pretty much close to 0
    I've got 10 figures on order for the rest of the year. Originally, they were all supposed to release between March and July, but now they are all delayed from June to September. I'd be shocked if any of them see the light of day by the end of the summer.

    I've been working a lot lately and spending more time with other hobby activities (running), and so I've actually got a little bit of a figure backlog right now. In the corner of my living room, I've got a tidy little stack of 6 or 7 figures that I haven't gotten around to unboxing, so I might ration those over the next few months until things (hopefully) start getting back to normal.

    I do wonder, though, if the days of relatively fast and inexpensive international shipping are numbered. I suspect there's going to be a huge decline in air travel for many months, if not years, after this pandemic subsides, and less commercial flights means less room for EMS packages.
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    Good to hear you're finally reaching your goal! I do my budgeting on the first of every month, and I budget to the penny so I always know exactly where my money is going. I'm definitely spending more this year than ever before, but I imagine my spending is about to decrease a little since I'm starting college at the end of next month and I'm trying to pay tuition out of pocket (i.e. no loans).

    Then again, every time I think my spending will decrease, it ramps up lol.

    I currently have 150 orders in the figure category (59 of which are pre-painted, 23 are action figures, and the rest are trading/accessories/models). I've also got various goods and media on order, but many of them aren't database-able. I have no doubt there will be more orders, but I've had a string of good luck with some rare and expensive grails (just nabbed ITEM #647639 off ebay; this dog is EVASIVE) so I probably won't be outright purchasing much for a couple months. I dipped into savings to grab Shiitake, so I want to pay it back before my next purchase!

    Still loving collecting. Hope to continue to love collecting for the foreseeable future!
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