留言 You don't own it?

  • Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
    It's an odd little irk and I understand your annoyance with it! But you can't let it get to you too bad. I've read lots of reasons people mark owned instead of ordered and I don't really agree or see the sense of any of them but well, their reasons, their stuff, doesn't affect my lists or anything.
    IMO This has never crossed my mind nor does it bother me at all lol
    Most would be legit so I personally don't think it really matters to much.
    Miss_FoxyOxO Thicc Moobas Enthusiast
    Imo, I think that most people have certain pre-orders set to "owned" so that they don't have to change a figure's status from "ordered" to "owned" later. Personally, I prefer to stay organized so PO's/recently bought figures get an "ordered" status until they physically arrive at my doorstep. My "owned" figures are figures are ones that I have bought in person or have already arrived in the mail.

    On rare occasions, there have been some issues of scamming on MFC where people try to sell stuff that that they don't have, but I have bought two figures and have done one figure trade that went alright. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
    skylinedo BANNED
    For some, its set in stone that they will get her. Esp if they already parted with their monies
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