留言 5 things you wish you could tell your past self

  • Eh, I never listen to myself anyway.
    1。don't resist your love into kancolle now the price is damn high
    2。you don't need to buy all the goods,keep only the good one
    3。buy wixoss figure before too late
    4。wait for new part of figma spare part
    5。 keep at least $300 in bank
    1. Don't buy those S.H Figuarts

    2. Seriously, don't.

    3. No seriously, why not just buy some manga and call it a day?

    4. Don't press that scale pre-order button...don't...oh god. Ya did it.

    5. Fine, just...don't join MFC, ok? No, what are you doing...s-stop...
    1. Look on Surugaya before buying a $3 can badge for $25 on eBay.
    2. Don't buy goods/figures of characters other than Armin that you'll regret buying later and end up selling at a loss.
    3. Buy that Armin plush at release before its price skyrockets.
    4. Don't buy box sets of trading items, because the Armin ones will appear on the aftermarket later anyways.
    5. Get into collecting earlier in general.
    1. Display them in a safer area, and dust them regularly.
    2. Don't impulse buy. At all. Wait a few weeks before preordering/purchasing
    3. Consider that you may want something besides figures (manga, plush, etc) and budget accordingly
    4. Don't let it stress you. If you're having mental/financial stress, avoid tempting sites (like this one)
    5. Don't let figures be your top priority. There's more important things in life. And if you want figures that bad, they will most likely be in aftermarket. If you're not willing to pay the price, then it wasn't worth it anyway
    Buy ITEM #144474 before that dang rerelease. And an extra ITEM #296218.
    Check going price before impulse buying at cons!
    1. copying another user in reminding myself of things i wont be so into in the near future
    2. relax and enjoy the hobby and items. who cares if that item you love was ridiculously expensive
    3. dont let your friends play with your new figure you idiot 13 year old
    4. dust. for the love of god. dust
    5. you shouldve saved up for a detolf 5 months ago
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