I got this figure some time ago, and I thought it would be nice to make a review of it. I bought it from a friend for a RIDICULOUS price, I couldn't let this pass, since I really love this character. Let's see how good she is!




Nothing too fancy here, a simple box with pictures of the figure and some windows. It's sturdy enough so the figure should come safely to you and that's what matters. 7/10, let's get to something more interesting!


Well, let's make a tour!





Overall I only have good things to point out of the sculpting. Her hair is especially lovely, let's get a good shot of it:


You can remove her gun, and also (more interesting) her cloak. It's made of softer plastic, so after you remove her head, it's not so hard to remove. Let's see the beautiful result:



I just love the pleats in her clothes, it adds to the action impression... I think it's a wonderful option to be able to display her with or without her signature bounty hunter cloak, so I give the sculpting a 9/10, but let's see the downside of it on...



When you remove her cape, you have to be EXTRA careful, or her foot will rub on the cape, and some paint will transfer. My friend wasn't careful enough it seems. It's not a part that shows so much, but it's still very bothersome to me. Inside the cape there doesn't seem to have this problem though.

Other than that, Alter being Alter, painting is as flawless as ever. The jewels in her hair, the patterns on her cowboy boots, the tint of her hair and clothes, everything makes her look gorgeous. I only wish her skin was a little little bit darker, but that's mostly personnal. I'll give 8/10 because of the paint transfer problem, but if you are really careful, or prefer to display her without her cloak, it wouldn't matter too much.


Let's say it's my only figure with a midair pose, and probably with the most movement in my collection (along with BRS Animation vers., let's say). Let's also mention that she was released in 2008. So, I think the pose is great, but has also has some great problems.

First, it's not like the production shot, she's much more horizontal. Her back is almost parallel to the ground. So if you see her from under or even from eye level...


You don't see much of her, especially if she has the cloak on. You have to be above her to really appreciate her, and that can be a problem if you have a large collection.

But still, I think being able to make her stand like this back in 2008 is a pretty amazing thing in itself, and this action pose is really cool and suits Nadie very well. She's some good photography material to me, I love her expression...


I give it 8/10, she's better without the cloak overall, but I prefer my Nadie with it, so I just put it on a lower shelf and that's about it.


Plain and white, with metal rods that get unto her feet. It's surprisingly stable. Considering the space she's taking in midair, the base isn't that big. I wish it was some sand or some other cool setting frolm the series, but oh well, 7/10, it does the job of making her stand in midair and that's good enough for me.


I really love Nadie, I even cosplayed as her, and I love how she looks on this figure. I'm very glad I could get my hands on her, and soon I'll get Canaan to match with her, I can't wait! I'm giving her a 9/10, if you like El Cazador, the Bee-Train heroines or girls with guns, and you can see her somewhere (I saw her on Mandarake a couple of times), try to catch her, I think she's worth it.
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djjoshhenriquezTry my tutorial to remove paint transfer :P. I posted it here.
ull give her 9 out of 10 after u get the transfer gone haha

I tried with the eraser, but there was no significant result. Also I'm giving this score because the manufacturer should have been more careful with this part, not because of the marks themselves! ^^;

But I did try this on another figure when I saw your tutorial, it worked on some, that was nice!^^
Try my tutorial to remove paint transfer :P. I posted it here.
ull give her 9 out of 10 after u get the transfer gone haha
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