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  • Thanks everybody for your comments!
    It indeed sounds like a logic explanation that this figure was re-released for this box. I will just sell this one as ITEM #10903 I guess...
    I probably won't be of much help but from searching a little bit, ITEM #10903 was an exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con in 2007 limited at 2000 where yours was released in 2008 limited at 15,000. I can't find any details about it being a re-release and it's not listed on Toynami's website but they have done an encore version with a different expression which I don't think is listed here either?
    Kibi Prisma Kibino

    Unfortunately, the figure is not shown on the Amazon page nor did people decribe it in the reviews I've read. But I assume Toynami just re-issued the ComicCon exclusive figure for this box set. No bootleg, that's for sure.
    Maybe you can send a mail to Archonia? Explaining your situation and asking If they know. I believe most of their employees are collectors so I'm pretty sure there must be someone there who can help you out
    maraiatori7年前#1313245ITEM #10903
    Please read the whole post before you comment, I was asking if it really was this figure, since I got as a box set Limited Edition, and not as a Convention Exclusive figure.
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