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Hello all! Welcome to this week's whitelisting poll. As usual, this week's whitelisted company will be announced on Friday with the winners of this poll. Also just noting that 300 Heroes has been removed from the polls under further investigation into it is done.

Rule Summary:

You get one vote per origin
The three origins with the most votes are whitelisted. If third place ties, the winner will be decided randomly. If an origin spends four weeks in the polls, the origin will be added to the whitelist.

All of the origins here in the poll will be added to the whitelist, the userbase is just deciding the the order that they're added. So don't try to be slick and create any alt accounts for more votes. All that will accomplish is getting your main account removed and the option added for new users to not be able to vote in polls. Don't be the one to ruin the fun for everyone!

If you have any questions about this all, feel free to ask them below. Otherwise, have fun cheering for the origin you voted for (or convincing others to also vote for the origin you voted for ;D)

Votes will conclude on Friday, 2023/09/15 at 8 PM GMT+2. Origins will be whitelisted one day later at 8 PM GMT+2.

Christmas Tinahttps://64.media.tumblr.com/744e661df0fe64a3c5b763c7f14ae926/9e979e84ce0cbf36-28/s2048x3072/b177adf33a85d8dbf6fd02bb07c749c73d35cdbc.png
Christmas Tina is a Chinese visual novel developed by Nekoday that originally released in 2019. The plot takes place in 1988 during Japan's bubble economy where spirits are high and new development is abundant. Sakurai Kanna is a first year high schooler who drops out after being in a traffic accident in her hometown, finding it unbearable to stay there any longer. Jing Xiaoran is a Chinese high school graduate that failed his university entrance exams and works longterm at a job he doesn't like. Both end up in Tokyo, Japan looking for opportunities to better themselves, but end up in conflict when they both apply for the same job and the employer only needs to fill one position. Both are adamant on having the job, so they are allowed to work the position together despite the fact that Kanna is very awkward and Xiaoran doesn't speak Japanese.

I Love Amyhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/1b574b785d80b0e91ca33653e6c8a9d2/854c725bcf1b5650-b7/s1280x1920/58873355610884256c7a31b8590992e89951c99b.png
I Love Amy is a Korean manhwa written and illustrated by Unni that began publishing in 2022. The plot follows high schooler Bibi, who is obsessed with a boy named Peter, who is known as the school's "prince". Bibi begins to feel jealous when she notices another student named Amy close to Peter. Bibi decides to invite Amy over to warn her of this, but instead feels drawn to her. They girls agree to become friends with the condition that Amy is supposed to help Bibi confess to Peter. Things do not always go according to plan.

Pearl Boy (Jogae Sonyeon)https://64.media.tumblr.com/8fc29382a8a1369767370ffdc5b15328/29e962fb725744ff-2e/s1280x1920/8337c7eef00e363910c159173b09e82fbd634f2a.jpg
Pearl Boy is a Korean manhwa written by Zoy and illustrated by Inking. It began publishing in 2020 and just concluded this year in 2023. The plot follows Dooshik, a man who is on the run for stealing money from his previous job at a gay bar. He settles in a small costal town to lay low. After arriving, he eats at a local restaurant, but runs out on the bill, leaving the server Jooha to pay for it. When Dooshik returns to actually pay for his meal, he realizes that Jooha could be the answer to all of his money problems.

Qiang Jin Jiu (Ballad of Sword and Wine)https://64.media.tumblr.com/21e98e32b4c6551fd2ea0063ff833400/30934728262de2ad-7f/s1280x1920/af9813160892a66964bcf39c6bd632caf229249d.png
Qiang Jin Jiu is a Chinese danmei novel written by Tang Jiu Qing that released in The plot follows Shen Zechuan, the eighth son of the traitorous Prince of Jianxing, and Xiao Chiye, the youngest son of the powerful Prince of Libei. Xiao Chiye is the last member of his line and is drug to the capitol city, bearing the hatred of the nation. However, he is hated the most by Xiao Chiye, who wants nothing more than for him to be dead. Shen Zechuan is determined to stay alive and be the thorn in Xiao Chiye's side in both a political and personal manner.

TalesWeaver is a Korean MMORPG created by ESA (formally known as Softmax) that released in 2003. It is based on a Korean novel called Children of the Rune. The franchise also received a spin-off mobile game called TalesWeaver Second Run. The plot is set in the kingdom of Anomarad.

The Daily Life of the Immortal Kinghttps://64.media.tumblr.com/2f8727904016594b106407fbe43693e6/d724e3f84d8b804d-a7/s1280x1920/89dcc9d25649c3af1a78fd4368322570afe2a234.png
The Daily Life of the Immortal King was originally a Chinese novel written by Kuxuan that began publishing in 2017. It has gone on to receive an anime adaptation that began airing in 2020 and has received three seasons. The plot follows Wang Ling, a high school student that appears calm and cool on the outside. What everyone doesn't know is that he possesses the power to destroy the world at a moment's notice. His family has resorted to using an amulet to help keep the power at bay, but it has weakened over the years. Wang Ling must deal with the amulet being on the verge of breaking and balancing a normal school life at the same time.

Trese was originally a Filipino komik written by Budjette Tan and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo in 2005. It has gone on to have multiple volumes, novels, short story collections, etc... over the years. Trese received an anime adaptation in 2021. The plot follows Alexandria Trese, a mysterious detective that mainly investigates crimes of supernatural origin when the police cannot in the Philippines. She finds herself in the middle of the criminal underworld that is controlled by evil supernatural beings.
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Which of these origins would you like to see whitelisted next? Votes are public

3%Christmas Tina
33%I Love Amy
7%Pearl Boy (Jogae Sonyeon)
24%Qiang Jin Jiu (Ballad of Sword and Wine)
15%The Daily Life of the Immortal King
495 votes


lifewithfigures ☆・:。・:*:・☆・:。・
This voting round has ended with the following results based on 489 votes:

Christmas Tina - 3%
I Love Amy - 33%
Pearl Boy - 8%
Qiang Jin Jiu - 24%
TalesWeaver - 6%
The Daily Life of the Immortal King - 15%
Trese - 12%

I Love Amy, Qiang Jin Jiu, The Daily Life of the Immortal King, and Trese are this week's winners.

BLOG #60161 will be updated shortly to reflect the winners and this week's whitelisted companies.
manifesting lemoe figure </3
hikoma2個月前#128589119anigift has already been whitelisted, along with its branches, i believe in the 18th batch? Oh I had no clue! Thank you for sharing. ^^
rosy_rabbit_152個月前#128589245second this ^^
third-ing this ... lol
Would it be possible to consider The Owl House for the whitelist? Don't know if anyone suggested it yet.
I suggest magi arts to be a whitelisted company/manufacturer (* ^ ω ^)
Waffelhaus2個月前#128589168Gonna put in a good word for step dream/raise dream second this ^^
Gonna put in a good word for step dream/raise dream
hikoma mae ❀
LittlePisces2個月前#128582903As a biased Filam my vote goes to Trese. Also I suggest Anigift as a whitelisted manufacturer. ENTRY #191232
Here is the Hpoi page. www.hpoi.net/co...

anigift has already been whitelisted, along with its branches, i believe in the 18th batch?
Pls animester! Their OC figures are great
tighnari ultimate tighnari fan
i love amy SWEEP!!!

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