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Minor modifications of an old prize figure to make it more fun and unique-

I’ve had this K-On figure for like 5 years or so just sitting around. I got it second hand for like 10 bucks because it looked cool, knowing nothing about the character or the series. It’s a nice looking figure, I really dig the pose and the guitar.

ITEM #61622

..And then a couple years later, I DID watch K-On…. Eh, well a lot of people like it, and that’s fine. But it is not for me. These girls should have spent more time practicing and playing gigs, and less time just chatting and doing nothing. I think it would be better as a more condensed OVA with less fluff…but I digress…

So anyway then I felt I was a bit embarrassed to have a figure from such a silly show, but I did still like the figure. Therefore I decided I’d attempt to make some modifications to make it a little more personal and a little less generic moe. This is my first time trying a figure modification, so I didn't want to make it too ambitious.


It’s a fairly simple modification, involving:
- Paint over the school band logo on her t-shirt and replace it with something else. I choose a version of the band Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ design, because Joy Division/New Order is one of my favorite bands and the design is pretty iconic.
- Change the shoes to something punkier, like converse sneakers or combat boots.
= Change the eye color to light blue to make it look a little more different from the original character.
= Add some lightness to her hair and give it more dimension. The hair on this figure is very flat.
= Make the base solid black instead of rainbow iridescent.
- Add other accessories?

I started with the shirt, since I figured that was the most important thing to change to get this figure to stop looking like K-On. I thought about taking the guitar off and reattaching it, but I didn’t want to risk damaging either the guitar or figure, so I just kept the logo somewhat small painted around it with acrylic paint for the thick lines and ink for the thin lines.

The head didn’t require much. I used acrylic paints in sandy colors to lighten up her hair. I also ended up doing low lights in addition to the highlights just to add some extra dimension to it. Its not a perfect paint job, but I like the effect. The original's hair is very flat. The eyes were simply adding some blue-gray paint over the brown colored areas of her original eyes.

For an extra accessory, I used clay to sculpt a small bracelet for her arm, which I then painted silver. I thought about adding more jewelry, but didn’t want to overdo it so just kept it simple with one bracelet. Earrings would have been cool though... if you could see her ears.


The base is black underneath the iridescence. I forget if it was just soap and water, of if I ended up using acetone, but the rainbow stuff came off easily and just left the plain black beneath.

Now for her shoes. In the sketch I made, I have her wearing tall combat boots. But since I haven’t done much sculpting, I wasn’t sure of my ability to actually make that happen. I decided to first try a simple repaint of the shoes to see if that would look any good. Pictured here is a (rough) coat of paint to make her shoes into Converse. As I was painting this, I was already deciding that I liked the idea of the boots better, so I didn’t get very far. If I would have stuck with the Converse concept, I would have gone in to get the details of the shoes better.


I did get some clay and started on the boot sculpting, not really sure how it would go. I just built up the clay around the lower part of her legs and over top of the shoes, then carved in some details with an exacto knife. After the boots dried, I went back and added some extra clay, rolled thin to make laces. It would have been cool to make the ends of the laces stick out more, but that’s way too fragile, so they’re pressed up against the sides of the boots.


After everything dried, I painted these with a glossy black model making acrylic paint. They look nice and shiny. I added small amounts of silver paint around where the lace holes are, and a bit of white paint thinly drybrushed on to give a little texture to the leather and laces.


Here is the complete figure! I like it for a first try at a modification, and I like her style a lot more now that she’s wearing a t-shirt from one of my favorite bands instead of something from an anime I didn’t particularly like It was a fun little project too, so I might end up doing more modifications to other figures in the future…I can think of several where its like “this is kinda cool….but…”


I don’t know whether to consider her an original character or just a variant of Yui. (I don’t think Yui would listen to Joy Division or wear their t-shirt…) I’ve just been calling her ‘Joy Division girl’ , so she doesn’t really have a name yet haha.
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That's really cool! I love seeing custom figures!
i love the lighter hair color, and the boots are amazingly done for a little clay and glossy paint!
it looks so cool and much more unique than the original !!
This is super cool!
it looks awesome for your first custom!!! im super impressed w the boots sculpt :3

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