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hello everyone! for a while now i've wanted to start making reviews, even though my phone camera is terrible and i don't have any convenient place to actually photograph my figures. i won't give up though...!! and since i figured it'd be good to start with something small, i'm going to begin with a figure i just received in the past week - best girl Nia Teppelin from the Hello! Good Smile line.


this is a small, simple figure from a line of small, simple figures. it's also one of the cheapest and most conveniently available (if not the most so) figures of Nia out there right now. hopefully this figure (as well as other new TTGL PUPs, such as Viral and Adult Simon) are an indication that a PUP is on the horizon...

for the moment though, this Nia is the only one in my collection, and things will likely remain that way for a while. without further ado, let's take a look at her!

first and definitely least, the box. there isn't much to say here - the box is exactly the same as other Hello! Good Smile boxes, white with the logo printed in blue. there's a sticker with photos of Nia laid over the top and front of the box, showing the figure within. the number of this figure in the series (033) is also included.


now, moving on to the figure itself. she looks pretty much how you'd expect a figure of this line to look. she's small, with the signature Hello! Good Smile grin, and absolutely adorable. her outfit is quite detailed for such a cheap trading figure. the sculpt of her hair also has a lot of dimension. the painting is clean and particularly well done on her hair. i love the shade of blue they used, as it contrasts very well with the pink of her dress. the puffy cloud look of Nia's hair has always been one of my favorite things about her design, and they did her justice here.





as with other Hello! Good Smile figures, you can tilt her head to the left, right, or keep it straight, depending on your preference. i personally display her with her head tilted just so:


the base, similar to the box, isn't anything to write home about. it's simply a clear plastic disc for her to stand on. mine came with a rather noticeable pink smudge on it, which is weird as it doesn't appear to have come from Nia herself; the base and figure were packaged separately to avoid paint transfer, and i couldn't find any part of her that looked like it'd had paint scraped off of it. it's kind of annoying, but i'm not going to be looking at the base very often so i don't really care.


ultimately, i'm happy with this figure. i was enamored with TTGL as a kid and i've always thought fondly of Nia. she fits nicely into my favorite character archetype of "innocent princess with a cute appearance and a strong sense of justice." i'm happy to have this cutie in my collection and hope one day i'll have other Nias to display her with.

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RomeosBlueStar8天前#121873870Yessss, Gurren Lagann is still one of my favorite animes of all time. I definitely love Nia too. I'm always hoping she'll have a Nendoroid version one day. You're right about the cloud hair, it's so on point.
the cloud hair is her best feature, and that's saying a lot given how precious she is.

i agree, she should have a nendoroid at this point. at least she has a few beautiful scales.
Yessss, Gurren Lagann is still one of my favorite animes of all time. I definitely love Nia too. I'm always hoping she'll have a Nendoroid version one day. You're right about the cloud hair, it's so on point.
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