What is a figure that embodies what a figure should be?What is a figure that embodies what a figure should be?Misc

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I've recently gotten ITEM #287697 and had a whole word vomit dairy about him BLOG #56621. Absolutely obsessed with every aspect of him.

Following that train of hype, it had me thinking what figures or what things people consider when deciding what is a perfect figure? I know some consider a good sculpt to paint job and some series only get one/a few figure that people will hold close to their heart even if it's just a prize figure.

I've got the usual categories for figures but my top two are how well a figure catches a character's personality and paint jobs. I have couple figures that are nice overall, but their color is flat. This especially with skin.

When it comes to figures I really like that are my top with my checklist besides Mikazuki. (That I own lol)
ITEM #1390469 isn't especially detailed but I love his paint job and his expression so much
ITEM #394470 love him just over all but his grin and details are perfect to me

So, what's a figure or necessary requirement for figures to check to be considered perfect in your opinion? Word vomit to me about your fave figure(s)
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I like that you're only letting us pick one. Saying that they all matter is the obvious answer lol it's a copout. To me sculpt is #1, it's what distinguishes 2d merch from 3d and what can really make a figure *pop*.

A pretty clear example of where sculpting fails is with a lot of pop up parades. My go to here would be ITEM #1616455, which is based on very lovely artwork and was pretty much ruined in execution primarily for her stiff unnatural sculpt. The way her skirt moves while her body remains static is so bothersome! It reminds me of an amateur artists mistake. Plus they didn't sculpt any of her piercings. Some other awkward pup sculpts include ITEM #1326061 ITEM #1326062 ITEM #1326026 and ITEM #1322600.

Paintjob is second, but specifically in the context of shading. Hate it when prototypes appear to have good shading because theyve only ever been photographed in studios with specific lighting but when you get them they just look flat. Paint errors are usually not that big a deal because you can't see them from where you view them when they're displayed.
It's hard to pick one of your options, but I think sculpt probably stands out to me the most in general. But tbh all of my favorite figures combine everything you mentioned.

Here are a few examples from my collection:

ITEM #872652 I've mentioned this before in other threads, but this is the nicest figure I own. The sculpt is 10/10; everything from top to bottom is excellent. It's also very well painted/shaded and captures Lily's easy-going personality.

ITEM #1055839 is another extremely well sculpted figure. It doesn't get a lot of attention, which I always found interesting since it looked so good in person. I mean, check out the sculpt of her stomach lol.

ITEM #186848 well sculpted, well painted, captures Asuka's personality. All around great figure, popular with fans, not a lot more to say.
to me sculp is most important, the figure has to look like the character (and not like some random guy cosplaying as the character) I don't care much about the pose and the base as long as the figure looks exactly like the character
It's hard to explain but it's all the aspects you mentioned, and sometimes it is also not. Much like the examples you gave.

To simplify it would be feelings or instinct I suppose.. probably romanticized by what some some might call it impulse purchasing (laugh).

In the grand scheme of things, I think the feelings has to be right. I will only examine the other aspects more thoroughly depending on the price (if it's like the FuRyu or Prime 1 Studio rate, if you get it you get it xD).
The best figures in my opinion give a snapshot of the character and their personality - bonus points if the figure's design can be traced back to a specific frame/scene from the source anime, game, or manga. Examples:

ITEM #5559 Captures Asuka's vulnerable side so well, and the figure is directly inspired by a well known illustration from the Evangelion manga.

ITEM #455586 You can just about feel Sakura's invincible power - her positivity and cheerfulness - flowing from this figure.

ITEM #13765 The figure captures Triela's generally serious personality, and the way she protectively clutches her shotgun is also perfectly in character for her.

ITEM #166954 Beach/bikini figures are often little more than throwaway fluff, but Sena's blue bikini is so well known. You also get a hint of her vanity, and the 1/4 scale makes this quite the magnificent figure.
All of the above equally.
My top three:

ITEM #396841
has everything: stellar base, amazing sculpt and colour, the FACE of the figure is IMO super important - and here it is perfect, a certain presence / eye-catching and reflects the character.

ITEM #163750
ITEM #116883
...all of the above positive aspects + cute boy

How do you realize, that this figure is PERFECT for you: you wanna buy this figure again (to have a spare) because it is so awesome.

PS: also have the Munechika and he is SUPERB. Was also debating to buy a second (new) one because he dumped afterwards. - which I totally do not get, because he is so frickin pretty
For me it has to be ITEM #460687. He's among the very first few figures that I'd ever purchased, holds a very special place in my heart for being the only scale of my all-time favorite character as well. He's truly a stunning figure, literally one of Aniplex best work yet ♥
for me its definitely item/6364! i absolutely adore her, everything about her is just so cute and perfect to me! i love the art style, the pose is so cute yet dynamic, color palette choice and size. there are definitely newer figures that have more complicated/high quality sculpts and paint jobs, but in my eyes this figure is perfection!

some other honorable mentions are ITEM #143923 and the myethos queen of hearts and lilith night hag figures :)
shiosetsu8天前#116784074definitely flandre scarlet 1/7 by goodsmile company. the sculpt is BEAUTIFUL. they nailed every little thing about flan. the expression perfectly captures how innocent and cute she seems to everyone that doesn't know how dangerous and powerful she actually is. they added all of the little details and cute accessories that scream flandre. i recommend that everybody, not even just touhou fans, buy her. she's incredible
She's such a cute figure?? Her design and the pumpkin is so cute, actually peak cute design. The details on her clothes are so nice and expressions, I really love how she looks. Ty for sharing
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