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what’s a figure that you were considering to buy but decided not to that later skyrocketed in price in the aftermarket?

well, for me it was probably ITEM #175533 i saw her going for about $20 but decided not to buy her. about a few months later her price began to rise in the aftermarket which left me with regret, i mean it is a nice figure i won’t deny!

anyways, what’s a figure you missed out on that later jumped up in price or what’s a figure you bought that later increased in price ( the opposite pretty much )
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For me, majority is from Megahouse One Piece P.O.P. Missed quite a lot from there.
It was a bad timing when they released it while I was on hiatus of collecting figures before COVID times. And now most of those that I missed skyrocketed after these 3 years. I imagine a lot more fans came into this hobby after binge watching One Piece at home haha. (can't travel) The aftermarket price for those ranges from 1.5x to 3x the original price.

If lucky, I managed to hunt for decent aftermarket price, otherwise can only live without them or wait/hope for better release :(
nishiki broke
ITEM #518142 still hoping for a re-release
The Mo Dao Zu Shi DX Nendoroids (ITEM #1253519 and ITEM #1253520). I wasn't yet into the series at the time and disregarded them even though I thought they were cute. Now I do like MXTX's works (though MDZS is honestly my least favorite) and missed them. I did manage to get the ones for SVSSS at least, and plan on snatching up the TGCF ones the moment they release.

I also missed ITEM #489 , but I was only 3 when she released so that's not exactly my fault. I'd love to get her someday, but she's rarely sold, and I can't justify the price when she is.
I would say ITEM #590751 but I wasn't even into figure collecting at the time of their release so I can't say much...

Although, I'm worried about not jumping on/po these items right now:
ITEM #945896
ITEM #1386593

They're a little pricey for me right now, but do you guys think they will sky rocket or go up a lot in the aftermarket?
ITEM #806155 She was my favorite from the MLP set and I kept telling myself I was for sure going to get her, but I just dragged my feet and never preordered. Really kicking myself for that now Q.Q I really hate how the variants look too with the pony colored skin, not much I can do except hope that maaaybe her price goes down in the future <:3

This also applies to just about any nsfw figure now sitting on my wishlist, my living situation didnt really permit me to own these freely. Now I have some more freedom but nsfw figures seem to almost always have terrifying aftermarkets!
ITEM #460687 >>> I thought he was expensive at preorder ...and then the aftermarket exploded
ITEM #915372 >>> my biggest Myethos not-buy-regret T_T
ITEM #845703
ITEM #676068
ITEM #633912
ITEM #860771

ilovekanroji1個月前#110568088don’t get me started on the mlp set..I can't believe the aftermarket prices for Rainbow Dash, like those actually surprised me when I first saw them
That's the figure aftermarket in a nutshell. You have to pre-order to save money
,, all of them ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Only ones that really come to mind for me are these poster childs for aftermarket tax: ITEM #676272 and item/669992...I remember seeing them become available on TOM, and literally looking at Japanese release samples in an Akihabara shop in the summer of 2019...wound up not buying because I was waiting for a good TOM sale to stack with the purchases. So I wound up missing out :(

On the flip side, I accidentally bought two of ITEM #1102597 and was REALLY pissed off at myself when I realized what happened (I'm no longer mad, lol). And I'm so happy to have bought these at what I would consider "better than retail" prices: ITEM #849091 and ITEM #645867.
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