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Tony Tony Chopper is one of the few male characters I collect figures of, since he matches my cute aesthetic more than any of the other Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece (more than most of the characters, really). I already had ITEM #753848, which remains one of my favs to date, but I saw ITEM #135219 on auction for cheap on Ebay a while back and had to have him.

The thing is, I didn't bother checking his what size he was, despite a ruler being put directly beside him. So, like the dummy I was, I expected a two, maybe three inch tall figure, and I made a teeny bit of space for him on my shelf. He arrived a few weeks later, and when I opened him up, I immediately realized my mistake.

Not only was he five inches tall, but his base (non-removable) was as wide as he was tall! I had to rearrange so he didn't end up overlapping my other figures. I still adore him, but I felt so silly not looking up his correct size beforehand XD

Shoutout to ITEM #1015552, as well, who I thought was going to be twice as big. She's still quite pretty in her petite size, but I did a double take opening her up.

Please let me know the times you've messed up with the size of your figures (mainly so I don't feel as dumb). Were you the one who made the mistake, or was the seller inaccurate? Did it mess up how you wanted to display your collection?
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Have You Messed Up In Terms of Size?

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Not so much the figure since I generally account for figure's prices by their sizes/scale so I subconsciously note down their dimensions.

But man, sometimes their box and base though can be needlessly big. Those two are the ones that throw me off since they are generally not reflected in promotional pictures/illustrations till ready to ship.
ITEM #868622; I looked at the size, so I had an idea of how tall he was, but when he arrived, I made a surprised Pikachu face upon seeing how big he actually was. Tbh I feel like the official measurement is off by a centimeter or two, because I'm pretty sure I measured his height once and it was closer to 26cm than 24cm. No complaints about him though; he's just short enough to not be in the way of the cupboard door just above him (seriously, the clearance between the door and the tallest point of his hair is one or two millimeters).
Item #858171! She was one of my first prize figures whenever I picked up collecting again and I was really surprised at how big she is. I love big figures though so that was awesome.
The first time bought a bunny figure a didn´t know those figures were 1/4, I didn´t even know were figures of that sice.
I was really expecting ITEM #392488 to be bigger so I was really surprised by how small he actually is. Granted, it was my own fault because I didn't check his size before ordering him.
I recently got the Wizarmon and Tailmon G.E.M figure (which I returned because he was faulty and wouldn't stay on the base) and he was a lot smaller than I anticipated. I expected him to be bigger than he ended up being so I was disappointed because he was the size of my hand and I have small hands. :I
ITEM #236103 was my first 1/4 scale and I had absolutely zero concept of just how big she'd be, even look at the measurements
ITEM #1006896 her!!! she's so much bigger than I thought, she's 30cm, I swear I thought she'd be 1/8 or something, nope she's huge and I love her!!❤️

Same thing with these two beauties ITEM #401018 and ITEM #401020, they're way bigger than I thought, and for being prize figures, they're absolutely stunning. Still a tad shorter than my bunny Miku but I cannot call these 1/8 either. I have 1/8 figures and also Miku herself, none of these are 1/8 and I honestly love them :,>❤️
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Expecting this one a bit smaller and not as wide as it is. It was a positive surprise.
ITEM #1072419
The Yugi noodle stopper ITEM #1004219 is small, as expected, so I assumed the Kaiba ITEM #809364 wouldn't be much bigger but he takes up so much space! He's wonderful but his coat and limbs are all pointing in different directions so he needs more space than I thought lol
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