留言 Japan Post - Price increase June 2022

  • Carraway Sleepy
    Ouch, I've been relying on Surface for a long time now and I'll try to ship out everything before June 1st :(

    Well except for the items that won't release on time. I feel like I'm joining everyone and thinking about how I need a better affordable hobby too.
    Thank you for the great overview!

    Man that's bad news. -_-
    Even the many month surface shipping got much more expensive. wtf.

    The price rise is around 30% in the lower shipping charges...that is A LOT.
    Considering that Europe now also taxes EVERYTHING with 20+%
    And figures went from 7-8kYen for a scale to...17-24kYen as standard.

    This is drifting into unbearable.
    ...ugh. I need a new hobby.
    Guess I'll just be using DHL over EMS permanently now.
    Last year in total, they made 3 increases (between the shortage of planes, maritime shipping and the increase with containers). Now, another one.
    But nothing happens, to continue borrowing with prices...
    Yeah the local shops are looking really good (who can get discounted shipping).

    I think they are pricing in continued trouble and inefficiency of supply chains. (Costs of parked up ships have to be passed on.)

    Also the price of oil has increased 50% year on year from October 2020, this would add to jet fuel and general transportation costs.
    Man local shops and eBay are looking really good rn!
    (seriously, almost 40 AUD to ship a kilogram's worth of stuff plus 10% GST on top of that?Villianous stuff right there...)
    Shipping really never bothered me, but now its gone to far.
    I don't even know why do I try to collect these from Japan. Being latin american and having to pay some of the most expensive prices only with shipping, then having to pay 60% of taxes when it arrives in Brazil summing up the total product price with shipping... and DHL and Fedex are absolutely impossible to pay here... this is torture, not a hobbie anymore
    Nemsy1年前#105911914This is kinda shite for plush collectors in the US... I wish cheaper methods would come back :(

    Good point, I haven't bought any for many many years, and when I did the shipping was "a lot" during that time period.

    I've been ordering mostly domestic anyway since the pandemic started. Higher figure prices and longer waits, but great not to worry about shipping charges.
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