Hello, hello, MFC. Today I finally achieved a grail after a long and tedious journey which I am going to describe.
The figure in question is ITEM #2460, who I’ve been desperately trying to get for a couple years now.
It started pretty normally. It was a few days after Christmas and she happened to pop up on Rakuten. I was ecstatic!! I finally had enough money at the right time to get her. So I did.
And then two days later… I got this notification.
I was pretty worried when I saw that. Had someone else bought her at the same time as me? Had they forgotten to take down the listing after she was already sold? Anyways, I chose to proceed, feeling bleak about ever getting her. She’s a figure that only pops up every couple of months, so I had a feeling she wouldn’t be in stock anytime soon. I basically lamented my defeat…
Until a day later, when the situation gets strange.
She was listed again. From Rakuten, from the same vendor. For $30 more. This was automatically suspicious to me. Right after I bought her and at how low of a rate she pops up?
My automatic verdict?: The seller I bought from had taken down/canceled their listing and relisted her for $30 higher. I couldn’t prove this but it was my only explanation. Now, unfortunately I was too busy wallowing in my defeat to take a screenshot of the price change so you’ll just have to take my word for it, but that’s when I contacted FromJapan, the proxy service I was using.
I tell them what’s going on, and I ask them if they can investigate a little bit. They did but I don’t think they got some of the nuances of the situation (like how odd it was that an item with such a low showing rate would pop up from the same vendor within a day of each other.) They were very communicative though, and very sweet so I didn’t try to push it. I think we both had the same amount of info on the situation at that point.
After a few days, I later emailed them again to cancel my order. I felt I’d been scammed by the vendor and I still had no notification saying that she would be in stock. FJ basically said that I couldn’t cancel since I already chose to proceed with the order, which felt lame but I don’t know what else I expected knowing their policy. They said they would contact me again in a few weeks if they got no updates on the situation.
And then… another really odd thing happened. The figure that was currently listed at $30 higher received another price change.
They changed her price. To about $10k??? Then ended the listing.
I was a little angry but I was mostly laughing my ass off at the fact that they made her $10,000 DOLLARS
I still don’t know why that happened tbh but it cheered me up in the whole hopelessness of the situation
After that nothing happened for a bit. I was just waiting until FJ contacted me to tell me my order was canceled (or something) so I could get my money back.
And then, out of nowhere…
She arrived. With no previous indication that she ever would. I don’t know how, but I was just happy to get her. I paid for the fastest shipping possible with the rest of my Christmas money and today…
I finally got the figure I’ve been chasing after for years at this point. And I love her so much. <3 I’m really into old computers and other tech, and I grew up on Windows XP so she’s one of my favorites and she makes me feel very nostalgic + I adore her design and the thought that went into it. (She’s a bimbo for a reason!!)
I wonder if maybe the vendor/Rakuten had contacted the person selling her and told them they couldn’t change her price or something (that being why the second listing got price changed and canceled), or maybe that second figure was just some sort of weird fluke that it was listed, but either way I have her and I’m so, so happy. I’m probably gonna find a new display area for her and the rest of her OS-tan buds soon, but for now she sits on that shelf. I literally could not be happier!! The worst part was the waiting game in-between emails. There was a point where I was considering buying the second figure once I got refunded, but then she just got canceled and I didn’t get my money back anyways so that didn’t happen.
Usually I don’t make blogs for obtaining grails because up until now it’s almost always been pretty straight-forward, not really an interesting story. But I figured this might be worth reading? So I hope you enjoyed. :] see ya
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Julia1255個月前#105640357Always afraid of these kind of crazy situations when buying/selling on sites, people will do anything to get extra money. Happy you got her in the end though, I would've been so upset in that situation -_-
It was such a hassle!! And only for $30 more… they might’ve caught wind of the hype and tried to jack the price up because of that, which is a shame
LemonMIntCat5個月前#105642338Yeah something shady was going on, but congrats on getting your grail! She is a cutie with a unique design!
Shady indeed!!! Thank you
Been in a "too good to be true" situation before. Thought I found a great deal on that expensive Lillie figure. Until my proxy agent notified me that it turns out the seller was just selling the box instead.

Anyways, congrats on the amazing find! Windows XP was my first operating system as well. :)
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Wow congrats!! I would love to have this figure too one day, she's really cute. The situation sounds stressful but I'm glad you got her in the end.
Congratulations, she really is an excellent figure!
Congrats! Maybe the seller was trying to get a little more money, and when it didn't work they just wemt through with the initial sale?
Yeah something shady was going on, but congrats on getting your grail! She is a cutie with a unique design!
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Always afraid of these kind of crazy situations when buying/selling on sites, people will do anything to get extra money. Happy you got her in the end though, I would've been so upset in that situation -_-
wow that experience sounds crazy T_T i notice sometimes getting a grail also ends up in some unlucky coincidence or experience during or after purchasing, just purely out of luck, but i guess it just makes it all the more memorable!! congrats on xp-tan!! she is one of my favorites of the os-tan personifications (bias though since i have a soft spot for windows xp haha)
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