留言 I am Iron Man.

  • Iron Man is one of my favorite MCU characters (My top favorite is Spider-man being the big Spidey fan I am. Mark 85 is my favorite armor!

    I typically have a good idea of what figures of which character I want to buy. Since I mostly get video game action figures, I tend to gravitate more towards GSC. For superheroes, I go big and collect the 1/4 Neca figures. But I don't usually run into that dilemma of which version of a figure I want to buy.
    There's a reason I have 4, soon to be 5, Iron Man figures...
    Big fan of MCU's interpretation of Iron man armors. I have the SH Figuarts mark 42 and it's super accurate and posable
    Believe it or not, I've never seen any of the Iron Man movies. When someone says Iron Man, my first thought is always the song by Black Sabbath :).

    To answer your question, my collection is lacking a figure of Kan'u ENTRY #1834 from Ikki Tousen, but I've never bought one in part because there are so many figures available of her character. I don't necessarily need more than one Kan'u in my collection, so whenever I think about buying one, I waffle and ask "is this really the one", and ultimately I pass on the purchase.
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