Collection Displays: How are your Bookshelf displays set up?Collection Displays: How are your Bookshelf displays set up?Ask MFC

As always after I get very angry over something I end up going through the shelves and moving things around and pulling more figures out of storage and doing a little dusting.

During the course of this time spent moving things around it has me wondering how you folks have your Bookshelf displays set up.

Right now my Bookshelf displays are set up like this:

First 2 Shelves are Figures
Lower 2nd Shelves are DVDs/Figures or Books/Figures
Bottom Shelves are Books/DVDs


Most of my Action Figures that are currently out on display are displayed on the top shelves.


The main bookshelves are top half figures and lower half DVDs and Books.

The Corner bookshelf is mostly figures with the bottom shelves being Books and the Manga shelf is top part of the bookcase Manga and lower half Books/Graphic Novels and the bottom shelf that's out of view is DVDs and old Strategy guides.


This window covering bookshelf is where my Star Trek Starship collection is displayed and the lower shelves are Books,DVDs, and Graphic Novels.


How are your bookshelf displays set up MFC?
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sailor_rnoon S T A R ✩ PLATINUM ✩ S I M P
My collection is not in any kind of "display" mode since I haven't properly set anything up yet. My "MOONseum" room which will hold my entire Sailor Moon collection is currently holding everything except my Sailor Moon collection. Most of that is still in airtight containers downstairs since we moved. I have tried to make my bookcases look at least somewhat attractive despite all of this.


Obviously I took two separate pictures and very poorly edited them together. The furthest to the right bookcase is all my non Sailor Moon and non JoJo media. At least most of it, anyway. The other two contain my JoJo stuff. I'm not particularly keen on mixing figures with media right now, though that may change when I actually am able to properly set up a display.
I have 2 Billys for manga, anime blu rays and artbooks. I'm expecting to have to separate out the blu rays and artbooks eventually, though, because the manga will likely take over both Billys.

I don't put figures in front of my books or blu rays. All of my figures are in their own dedicated Billys.
Currently my books are stacked up on a table, since my bookshelf has gone to my figures. But I'm planning on utilizing a thin bookshelf to house at least part of my books, until I get another larger bookcase.
Eva figures took over the book shelve, no longer have books
Mine's already full with books XD
My books are displayed similar to your setup. But I mainly pick up physical manga just for series I am super into, which are also the series I am limiting buying figures and other merch for. I should take some pics later, but I use the manga as a pseudo tiered shelf and put smaller figs like Nendos on top of them.
my bookshelves need more books *eyes cyber monday book sales*
Brooo haha i wish i had something to shuffle around xd, but im working on it!

Also im a bit dissapointed in some stuff atm. Time for bed
I shuffle my books around too often to display figures on the same shelves. I also own too many books, so I pack the shelves double-deep. Favorites in front, less common reads in the back. A few times a year I have to thin out to make room for new ones... I hate apartment life sometimes.
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