Your Opinion on Bandai: What do you think of their Figures?Your Opinion on Bandai: What do you think of their Figures?Ask MFC

Finally moving onto looking at Bandai.

Most of my collection is Bandai figures MFC.

As a Mobile Suit Gundam Fan and Anime Collector for 20 years I've collected Bandai's Mobile Suit Gundam figures and the older figures are way better than the newer ones.

I did at one time check their Sailor Moon figures but lost interest in those and got rid of them, after seeing what has become of Bandai's Sailor Moon figures with how their quality isn't that great I'm glad I don't collect them.

Looking at Bandai's entry in the database here their figures take up a massive chunk of the Database and they are always putting out more figures so I wouldn't be surprised if Bandai is the Manufacturer with the most figures in the database here.




From Action figures to Model Kits Bandai has a huge assortment of figures and whenever I go out to check stores locally the main thing I do find at times are Bandai figures, mostly for Gundam and Dragonball Z but they have pumped out so much Gundam over the past 20+ Years it feels like that's the main series that's kept me collecting Bandai.

The Model Kits are fun to put together, the Action Figures are fun to play with and there is always something that they have put out that piques my interest as a collector so Bandai and Kotobukiya have been the two main Manufacturers that are responsible for keeping me collecting Anime over the past 20 years.

Do you have Bandai figures in your Collection?

Feels like there is a good chance that you may have seen a Bandai figure that got your interest over the years and may have a Bandai figure or two in your collection.

My Opinion on Bandai is they have managed to keep my interest and their prices are so/so compared to other Manufacturers and at the rate they keep putting out Mobile Suits I'll always check to see what new figures Bandai puts out at Conventions.

I know they make other series but whenever the name Bandai comes to mind it makes me think about Mobile Suit Gundam.

What do you think of Bandai?
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I Have Q Poskets That Are Made From Bandai
skylinedo BANNED
Closer to being toys as most of my precure stuffs ARE toys
It’s weird, but I’ve always considered all of bandai’s stuff to be toys rather than figures. Maybe cause they make DBZ toys and I used to play with them when I was like 6. Wouldn’t catch me with a Bandai figure that’s for sure...
Honestly, I see Bandai and I shy away. A lot of figures I had from them were of terrible quality and didn’t look anything like the prototype (I know, they always vary from the final product. But in Bandai’s case they looked often like bootlegs. Yuck!). I also hate how many of their prototypes never made it into production. Looking at you, chibiarts Nico Robin. That company is frustrating and unless I get a really good deal on something I’m not consider purchasing…
Jo_Okumura ಠ︵ಠ
My collection is mostly of bandai figures since they hold the rights of the stuff i collect.

The figuarts zero line right now is horrible,it used to be good but now they're way too expensive and the quality is so bad that the figures looks like bootleg

The s.h. figuarts line is....even worse,figure's joint can easily broken and the QC is bad

If we talk about bandai spirits (ex banpresto) those are actually fine for the price they're sold (1000 to 2500 yen) since are prize figures,and let me know that the quality is even better than the other main lines

I used to collect myth cloth too but finished my collection years ago,the last one i had was the Aphrodite god cloth,i never had problems with that line tho
Bandai is a hit or miss company. You never really know what to expect from them. Sometimes they are really, really good, and sometimes they are really bad. The thing is they own the license to a lot of beloved series like Saint Seiya or Dragon ball, so if you want figures from those series, you have to buy from bandai. they tend to be expensive for what they deliver too.
They own part of my soul
I'm not a fan.
The only Bandai figures I have so far are trading figures, so unfortunately I cannot form much of an opinion on them figure wise.

I have a lot of goods from various Bandai branches. Bandai, Bandai Namco Amusement, and Bandai Namco Arts. Bunch of Molcar goods from them...
That's a lot of Bandai figures.

I have a fair amount of Bandai figures, namely Figuarts Zero figures; I have 30+ Bandai figures. Bandai is also a crapshoot where they either nail it or they don't. I used to really like their Figuarts Zero line because it was very reasonably priced, but it's gotten more expensive in the last few years and with their quality it doesn't feel worth it. Their prize figures are usually pretty bad and full of big defects, much worse than Banpresto or Taito although it seems like they've been improving. I'm on the fence about getting their Senkuu figure since it's really the only non-prize non-PUP figure of him that exists but I'm doubtful of the quality. The few Figuarts figures I have seem pretty decent, but I'm not interested in action figures so I only have a handful of those. The two lines I do enjoy are the Pokemon Scale World and Myth Cloth lines.
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