I feel like I see articles like this fairly frequently but.. my god what do people do with boxes?? My collection has been growing quite a lot over the past few years and at first I was able to keep my boxes in a large Rubbermaid bin. But now they’re everywhere! I have a walk in closet with nothing but boxes and a minimal amount of clothes tucked into a corner, and even under my bed is stuffed.
I started letting go of cheaper figures boxes but I really just can’t justify ditching a box for a figure that I’ve spent $50+ let alone a $200 figure.
I tried getting rid of boxes for figures I know I’ll never sell, or ones from figures I bought preowned with damage, but even so I’m still drowning in boxes. (All this being said I think I’ve only been able to toss maybe 5 or 6 boxes oTL)
If anyone has any advice on what to do I’d really love to hear it. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and start tossing more boxes but until then I suppose I’ll just continue drowning in my cardboard ocean.
I feel a lot less guilty about keeping so many boxes after seeing a lot of these comments. I’m also going to try using my shipping boxes as an extra step for organization! Thanks everyone ^^
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What do you do with your boxes??

21%Keep the expensive boxes
51%Keep all the boxes
7%Flatten them
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This is funny because I now consider the box situation I’ve got going my “lifelong Tetris game” so when I tell my friends that I am playing my lifelong Tetris game they all know I’m rearranging my figure boxes to fit in my storage better.
When I was new into collecting, I kept most of the boxes because I thought they looked pretty, but for whatever brainless reason I kept throwing away the plastic blisters... Eventually the boxes were just useless, taking a lot of room in my closet, so I decided to throw nearly all of them away a few months ago. It'd suck if I ever had to move out, but I don't really regret anything.
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Unless it's a windowless trading figure, I keep all of my boxes. I figure if I ever need to sell them or move, I'd need those boxes (especially for scales D:). Prize figures often don't come with blister packs, so those can easily be flattened, and the cardboard can be flattened as well and both can be stored together. Nendo boxes are uniform sized, and are easy to store. Scale figure boxes I wouldn't even think of trashing. All of my boxes, aside from scale boxes that are huge, are put inside the boxes AmiAmi sends. I can fit at least 10 nendoroid boxes in one box, sometimes more, and some can even store scales and still fit other figures.
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
At some point (which varies for different collectors) it just isn't feasible to keep EVERY SINGLE BOX. For the most part, I ditch prize figure boxes, trading figure boxes, and most nendoroid boxes (keep the parts in little drawer organizers). I also decide on a case by case basis which to keep and consider how simple a figure is (would it be easy to sell/ship boxless?), if the aftermarket price plummeted such that box or no box makes little difference (I'm not going to make much $$ at all if I sell either way, so who cares?), and if it is a figure that I've had for a long time and will never sell unless I am basically quitting collecting and getting rid of everything!

That being said, I still have a lot of boxes, but probably about a third or so of my collection is boxless. Also a word to the wise - keep track via a list which figures you don't have boxes for - it will safe you the pain and suffering of searching for a box you forgot you got rid of.

In the past, I flattened some boxes in lieu of tossing, but then I decided that was pretty much pointless. The ONLY benefit is proving authenticity if there is a hologram sticker on a box.
Every box that's just prize/Pop Up parade figures get's thrown away. Sucks when I resell them but honestly? I'd rather take the 5-10 € less over having to bother with finding a place for them.

I keep most of my figures' more expensive boxes though. Half of them I keep in a cupboard, half of them I keep on a shelf in my office (the shelf) until I've bought another cupboard for my cleaning utensils .. and boxes.

A few of the boxes I have are actually used as decoration though - some of them have really good art or design on them so I just stack them and use them as decoration or elevation to put plushies on (like here & here).

Bad pictures but it's late ...
In my case I only though boxes that are ugly .in other words , there isn’t any pictures on the box , or poor quality box or the figure it self doesn’t worth that much in the market of pre owned. Finally I know that figures I am not going to sell it .
For me i don't throw away boxes, i do tend to rotate my display so figures go back in their boxes but that is mostly prize figures that get moved around.

Some mention of flattening boxes, i have done this but only with prize figure boxes or trading figure boxes that don't have a blister.

Can't see me moving as the house is ours and plenty big enough for us but my wife won't let my collection take over the whole house, pity. So have been working on making my loft better as storage space so i can store boxes up there if needed without worrying.

At the moment space is ok but i have a few scales on order that will require more creative use of space so need my loft space to be ready.

I have also used shipping boxes to store stuff, they are handy if they are a good size.
I keep the nice looking boxes above my cabinets and the rest I wrap up in plastic bags and put inside moving boxes in my storage room. I have floor protection and dehumidifiers in the storage room as well. The floor protection raises the boxes above floor level.
It sounds like you are going to keep them and organize them in the shipping boxes. I do that as well. When I decided to pack some that I had on display, it was relatively easy to locate their figure boxes since I had marked every box with a list of what it contained. Anyway, if you put them in shipping boxes make sure you have marked on each shipping box what it contains because that will save you a lot of time if you ever want to find a particular box.
Lmfao I have this exact same problem. I used to have a closet, an actual closet, but I had to move out all my clothes onto a clothing rack just so I could use the closet to store my boxes. But then I got the Victor/Yuuri premium box set, and now... well, safe to say my closet is no longer able to accommodate any more boxes lmao. I flattened at least the prize figure boxes, but still. So I feel you.

I might have to start storing them behind my bookshelf at this point, unfortunately. That's just the way it is. I don't want to throw out any boxes because I might need them for moving ToT
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