Megumin (School Uniform) 1/7 Chara-Ani - Review (picture heavy)Megumin (School Uniform) 1/7 Chara-Ani - Review (picture heavy)Review

Hello again,

you know what I haven't reviewed in a while? Sure thing: Megumin! Currently almost a third of my reviews are about this girl, but what can I do? They are just magically piling up, I can't help it.

This time it's the School Uniform version of the Knonsuba movie or the spin off manga 'Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!'. If you love our crazy little explosion girl you should check it out. Wait, there is also a novel version? How could I miss that? Well well.. now I know what I will do after the review!

Back to the figure: She is manufactured by Chara-Ani, distributed by GSC and comes in a 1/7 scale. I think I have no other figure of Chara-Ani yet, but honestly I haven't checked before I mindlessly put her in the basket. Yes, I am a sheep! As the title says, this is going to be picture heavy. You have been warned >.<

Putting the box and blister pics in a spoiler:
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The box is surprisingly cubic and not cuboid as most other boxes I have seen so far. Most of the box is clear and whatever space is left is used to show her or zoom-ins in different angles. Too many boxes show the same picture again and again on all sides... I appreciate it when the box designers are not stupid.





Top view.


And surprise surprise! When you open the top lid Chomusuke appears! That layer has no real purpose so it is there just for the giggles. Mission accomplished.


Everything was nicely packed.



The "parts" picture. One solid piece of figure and a base.


I say it right away: I don't like the base. It looks and feels like any other 5 cent base you can find in prize figures. I am also not a fan of the milky-transparent part between figure and base. There is simply no concept in my eyes and it feels like they didn't care about the base at all. I mean come on, even a full transparent solution like in the production preview shots looks much better.




Okay, let's finally have a look at the figure itself starting with a 360° turn.









Not bad I would say. Nice pose, very dynamic, balanced and definitely looks like a thing Megumin would do. And now, let the picture spam, erm I mean close ups begin. Keep in mind that the close ups are really close, obviously. Small errors look much worse zoomed in like that as on the real figure. A fact I have to remind myself about too while I am writing this review.

Her face is... okay? I guess? For me it is a like. It suits the overall pose and I think it looks like Megumin. But I can also understand if others say that her eyes are too big. Judge for yourself!




There is a lot going on on the top part. I start with the cord: Looking that close I don't like. It looks cheap. There is no shading, just one flat color which isn't even applied clean. It bleeds into the golden button. The button itself is also just one plain metallic color. But I have to say, as I just double checked something else on the real figure it doesn't look as bad if you look at it without crazily zoomed in pictures. Still, it could have been better.



What I do like about it is that it is not casted on the robe, it's a own piece as you can see on the back (picture with flash).


There is one thing I want to address because you can see it well in the previous picture. On the robe is a part that looks a bit like a crack, but it is not really broken. I can't tell if it was damaged after manufacturing or if it is a casting issue. In the picture below I marked the part between the red lines. Nothing to be happy about, but it looks not so drastic on the real figure.


Let's talk about something I like: The top. The colors are again very flat and shading is non-existing, but it doesn't really need one. All the wrinkles cast their own natural shade by them self. That's nice.
The tie is okay. Not perfectly painted on the bottom part, but very clean on the top part at the collar.


Man, I really like these wrinkles. They make the clothes look very realistic and emphasizes how underfed our poor little Megumin is ;_;



Let's tackle skirt and belts. The cast is again superb. Painting-wise it's mostly good with some 'buts'.
The dark border on the bottom is good enough for me and very clean with one small issue I talk about later.


The painting of the belt is also okay, at least at the front. As you can see in the next picture, some parts on the top of the belt are still grey. I prefer this over a ruined top, so it's okay for me. I had an old worn down belt which almost looked exactly the same (inside turned grey over the years) therefore I don't care but wanted to point it out.




Overall I like belts and skirt very much. The red inside the robe is also fine.




It's not easy to capture the back. Although you will probably never see it, you can be assured that it also looks nice.
But be careful, if you turn too far and accidentally drop to the ground you will see things you don't want to see. Or maybe you dropped yourself on purpose and actually want to see (you little perv!).
For anyone who wants to know if her design down under is based on novel-white or anime-black, you will find the answer in the spoiler.

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It's BAKA!-black.

Regarding the issue of the border I mentioned earlier. Honestly I don't know how to judge this. That is a problem of almost every figure I own having such a skirt paintin: The edges are not painted on the other side. That produces two issues.
First, it often looks unclean if you look directly at the edge of the skirt, depending on the angle (right circle).
Secondly, you can see the bottom side (meaning the wrong color) if it's wavy or wrinkled (left circle).

I can understand it somewhat production wise. The only solution would be to paint it very clean on the inside as well which is mostly not visible. But still, it annoys me every time I see it.
Probably that's just my personal demon, please ignore my rambling and we move on to the next...


... which are the stockings. The bandages have the same issue almost every other Megumin figure I own has: It's too white. It looks better without so much light as in the pictures, but for my taste it's simply too bright. A little shading would have done wonders.
Apart from that it is a nice cast.




The black one is very plain and shiny. Black and white are the hardest colors to pull off and Chara-Ani didn't do a great job on this in my opinion.




I feel bad for being so negative, I am sorry. Here, have something good: The shoes! I think they are perfectly fine and very clean.






The cape is fine as well. Some patches are not perfect but I have seen much worse on other figures. Much, much worse.





A shame it will not really be seen. I need a mirror for this.


One more picture flood and we are almost done. I always take a close look at the fingers/hands as they are a good indicator for the overall quality (at least for me).
Overall they look very good with only minor issues.


There is a tiny seam line but you can also see some nice attention to detail: They painted the dark part around the sleeve although it is only visible from that specific angle.


The fingers are fine, fingernails are indicated, nothing to complain about.




That is one of the parts I have to remember myself about how small the real hand actually is compared to the gigantic image I am looking at right now. The glove looks unfinished with the white borders inside, but that would be extremely hard to pull off. Everything good with the glove...



...but not with the finger. There is a bit of purple paint where it shouldn't be. Luckily it will be hard to see.


I guess "nothing special" is the perfect description for the hair. The casting is good (the small errors you see zoomed in are almost invisible on the real figure), but the coloring is non existing. It's just one color. Lately I see a lot of figures without even the slightest highlighting or shading of the hair :-/
Two times the same picture without and with flash.





Finally we reached the bottom and only need to look at the top most part: The mighty hat! The casting is very good, the colors are clean but flat and nothing special. Hmm, I feel like I have said this line again and again today. By the way: If you are confused as me initially, the inside of the hat is indeed purple in the movie.



The yellow end-thing of the hat definitely could have used some shading...



Well, that's it! The end of a lot of pictures and the review. My verdict? Honestly, don't ask a mindless sheep like me who spends way too much money on Megumins.
I like the pose, clothes and face. These are the most important points for me, but production wise she is nothing special. I have figures in similar price ranges which easily outperform her on details as well as painting and I still feel insulted by that base.
But it's Megumin. I will always smile when I see the silly little explosion-lover. That means I am by no means sad about buying her, but please judge for yourself. Below are a few last pictures from different distances to help you with your conclusion.

See you next time (then it's not a Megumin, I promise). Bye-bye! Oh, there is a novel waiting for me...






All images can also be seen on flickr.
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I'm happy to see a review for this one! I seen this version right after I pre-ordered the rocker version of her with the keytar lol. I love the colors of school outfit, its different enough to stand out from her regular figures! Shame it had some paint QC errors but shes definitely not bad enough to call it a bust. I think I might scoop this one up in the future if she's dropped in price!
I was hoping this would turn out okay because I don’t see anyone else tackling Megumin in this outfit. I might pick her up only after I find the other Megumin figures I really want. I will say that it is definitely not the worst figure relative to the price tag, imo
Good review though, I look forward to reading more from you!
So glad I passed on this I hated the look of it right away it looks bad and cheap
Personally I only order figures I must have
I am really disappointed in how this figure turned out. I had it preordered but dropped it when I heard questionable things about it. For this kind of money, we're getting a glorified prize figure. I agree that the shirt and skirt sculpt are probably the best things about the figure, but when you pay this kind of money, the figure shouldn't have the kinds of issues you pointed out. I'm sad, when I clicked on it I was hoping it would have been better. Megumin deserves better!
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