Am bored so going to do a little list of dream figures again.
A lot being things that are farfetched ideas and probably unlikely.
Some characters already have figures but if they're here I already
have or I don't like them.

Incoming long list

View spoilerHide spoiler•Vtuber Usada Pekora
•Shuten Doji Jiangshi but prepainted (ITEM #944858)
•A good Bulleta/BB Hood
•Tim Burton Catwoman (Maybe from Bishoujo)
•Evira (Maybe from Bishoujo)
•Vtuber Sukoya Kana
•Satori Tendo (At this point I'd even accept a nendo since I just want anything)
•Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner
•Shizuka Kawaii/Serenity Wheeler
•A Poison Ivy that looks kinda goth/inspired by the later season of BTAS
•Any girl designed by Nirasawa Yasushi (Esp Noctilia or Guillotinna. I already have some but more the merrier)
•Junji Ito Tomie
•A new Hsien Ko/ Lei lei
•Blade Runner Roy Batty
•Blade Runner Racheal
•Maybe another Morrigan
•Vtuber Suzuhara Lulu
•Muse Dash Marija
•Emilie Autumn
•System Shock Human Shodan but good
•A new figure of Houkago Play Girlfriend
•Ham Princess/Princess♂ (Music video)
•Charlie Magne
•Julia Voth/RE1/REmake style Jill
•Teen Titans Jinx (The goth one)
•Va11 Halla Jill Stingray
•Va11 Halla Dorothy Haze
•Ashley Graham (Hahaha)
•RWBY Penny Polendina
•Pokemon Misty
•Pokemon Sabrina
•Koume Shirasaka default outfit
Sachiko Koshimizu default outfit
•Illbleed Eriko Christy
•System Shock Cyborg Midwife
•Princess Daisy
•Rika Furude
•VTMB Malkavian girl
•Devilman Asuka Ryou
•Devilman Lady Asuka Lan
•Devilman Satan
•Fiona Belli
•Houseki No Kuni Alexandrite
•Houseki No Kuni Lapis Lazuli
•Resident Evil Cindy Lennox
•Alucard but Girlycard version
•Boosette (Or at least an obvious Boosette influenced OC fig)
•Kinoko Komori
•Shinsou Hitoshi
•Death The Kid
•Kuroshitsuji Othello
•Kuroshitsuji Snake (Maaaaaybe?)
•Any Eyeshield 21 fig? Even if it's just Sena or Hiruma cuz Kid would never get one
•Pippi Longstocking (Maybe by Bishoujo)
•Wednesday Addams (Bishoujo?)
•Sucy Manbavaran
•Bloodborne Gascoigne
•Sassy Wendy (lol)

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More Professor Layton figures.
I agree with you on more Vampire figures, I would also like a decent Demitri, Donovan and Anita figure that's not the Medicom Toy Action Figures released 20 years ago.

Other than that, I would like figures of Dudley and Elena from Street Fighter III that aren't rare garage kits and more Fire Emblem figures that aren't from the post-Awakening era (Hector figures in particular, I NEED ONE PLEASE IS DON'T GIVE US A LYN OR NINO ONE.
Oh and a Shantae figure too ah I have so many
Oh and a korone scale figure too
I would love to see a FMA Ling scale figure and more 1/2 and 1/2.5 scale figures of any character maybe a ram and Rem 1/2 scales? That would be the end for my wallet though
I would love some not overly-lewd Azur Lane figures like of Akagi µ, Admiral Graf Spee, Friedrich der Große, Jean Bart and my number one Sovetskaya Rossiya ;w;

And for them to NOT cost both kidneys and my bone marrow like a certain someone ITEM #740218 because SHE'S TOO EXPENSIVE despite being a beautiful figure

some prize Neptunia figures would be sweet AF as nothing Neptunia based is ever cheap
Wish someone would make Pleiades figures
(Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, Omega, especially Zeta) :)

MG Zaku I Ver. 2.0 when?
HassySoda Autumn girl
otobell2個月前#80472795oozora subaru is my favorite and i dream of getting a figure of her, but honestly im not sure how popular she is? at least ive never met any other fans of her :/

Damn that be me with Sukuyo Kana.
HassySoda2個月前#80472793I really hope it happens. Just gonna suck if anyone likes any unpopular ones who are low chance of getting one haha
oozora subaru is my favorite and i dream of getting a figure of her, but honestly im not sure how popular she is? at least ive never met any other fans of her :/
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