June 2020: What are you getting for your collection?June 2020: What are you getting for your collection?Ask MFC

Well after today being a stressful day I am at my primary objective for finances and in a few short days will be moving towards the next objective after securing emergency funds and that means I can soon get back to collecting a few scaled figures here and there and it feels good that after all of the stress from dealing with finances it's getting to where I can at last relax and start to enjoy things a little bit.

I am waiting for a lot of items to get into the collection as this month comes to an end and after getting 2 more Star Trek items in mail today and picking up a lot of new items today it's getting to where there are a dozen packages coming this way and right now focusing on getting one item I want for the Anime collection and that's ITEM #780995 I want Musashi's Figma for the collection since it looks wonderful and would be an excellent addition to the other Musashi figures here.


Been considering picking up ITEM #676022 since that Musashi looks gorgeous to me and it's getting to where I might splurge a bit on that one considering it's an expensive figure.


Looked through the database here for Star Trek related items and was pleasantly surprised to find some in the database and have been looking for some of the Furata ships and picked up one of the blind bags so I'm looking forward to seeing what ship I get.

Still waiting for this to get in stock where it was pre-ordered ITEM #943574 and at the moment everything else that's coming in is Trek related and there are a few Babylon 5 Action Figures and Micromachines coming in.

I like Star Trek Micromachines and they are peak 90's Nostalgia to me folks so they are excellent pieces for the collection and the packaging is neat and makes it easy to display the sets so I'm not opening those.

Going to pick up Muv Luv for PSVita and picked up Super Robot Wars X for PSVita, might pick up some more Mobile Suit Gundam figures but I don't need a lot of those at this point.

I still want to get a few more items for this collection but I don't have the space for a lot and the shelves here have filled up rapidly with Starships so it's gotten to where there isn't a lot of space for more Anime figures.

After getting the Stimulus Check today that has helped me to relax and after getting to where I'm almost finished with selling off my Transformers collection and can finally close up shop for selling things this is an excellent way to finish this month off.

Working on focusing on collecting a bit more since it's helping to distract my mind from the distressing news and with what I'm currently collecting not costing much it's helped a lot to save more money and I'm at my 2020 Financial Objective so June should be a relaxed month for finances and by the time July gets here I'll be able to put my feet up and maybe consider getting a 1/4th scale figure at that time.

If I can continue with saving up over the next few months Anime collecting might be reduced to picking up a nice scaled figure every few months, with a lot of new figures delayed by the time things that I may be interested in get released should have more saved and collecting Anime should be enjoyable again at that time maybe.

What are you getting for your collection in June?
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My birthday is this month, and since I really can't go anywhere for a couple of reasons, I'm going to splurge some money I made and saved up to get some merch I've had my eye on.

Right now I'm really into Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous, so I found a couple of garage kits I liked the look of: ITEM #870131 and ITEM #670912 (the former might take a while, considering where I got it from, and the latter had a different base than the one in the photo; I think it's a recast, I that I might've bought a knockoff, but we'll see). I'm also debating on ITEM #549362 and ITEM #655901, and I'm thinking of trying to find ITEM #803679 since I adore them, but I'll wait for the Amethyst kit to arrive before I make a decision.
There's also a package of Fire Emblem: Cipher card packs I put off pre-ordering, but if I hurry when AmiAmi has stock again, I may just get it. There's also some cute clothes I want to buy, but I'm going to wait a bit longer.
On the way:
ship girl ITEM #611619 stuck in japan
myth clothe ITEM #854054
bunny ITEM #740277
super girl ITEM #564125
mg gundam ITEM #929754

June release:
fate bunny ITEM #739758
Tony taka ITEM #806239

Just arrived:
hg gundam ITEM #921481
sega fate ITEM #806321 (i thought she's lost, shipped in Feb)
idol ITEM #645454 very nice, from MFC seller
a Hasbro robo dog, to reduce my anxiety.
Hoping to get three figures in June:
- Yae Sakura is on the way already (I finally caved in and bought her despite not being inclined to initially)
- ITEM #813035 (still awaiting my figure dealer to request for payment, I hope it won't be next month instead seeing as all the main shops already have him)
- My resin Byakuya (plenty of problems with this one currently - paid for him since end of March)
I ordered these three via ZenMarket about a fortnight ago to finish my Fire Emblem 4 collection and one of them still need to be sent to their warehouse. I'm hoping they arrive around june because I've been holding off of buying figures for about 4 months until I order these because I was waiting on the value of yen to aud to drop back to a normal state; ITEM #12018, ITEM #12016 and ITEM #12019.

I also hope that this item gets a crystal clear release date sometime in late june soon, because I can't afford to miss her or else her prices will get spiked up on the aftermarket: ITEM #871661.
I have ITEM #573069 and ITEM #232247 caught up in the mail from AGES ago (both bought pre-owned for super cheap), and my April preorders ITEM #872807 and ITEM #806026 are also still stuck in the mail. I only have a keychain preordered for June, but since there is no SAL I will probably grab some cheap pre-owned figure to throw in with it. I dont want to pay to EMS just a keychain lol
I'm hoping to get Storm Collectibles Raiden, Figuarts Zero Akainu and Aokiji but they're probably all gonna be delayed.

I'm thinking of getting NECA Ahab Predator
probably nothing. the postal service doesn't work STILL, the figures themselves have been delayed, and dhl costs 120usd for shipping only. I have my preorders but I'll have absolutely no figures in the foreseeable future without flights. fml.
Getting plenty on my way: Originally meant to come out on May, ITEM #872626 got pushed a month later instead.
Otherwise 3x of ENTRY #197732 and this figurine set: ENTRY #198316
As for more items in June (it sure will be a packed month):
ITEM #829372
ITEM #992995
ITEM #819701
ITEM #388298
ITEM #962060
ITEM #965087
It isn't the entire list, yet. Some more items have to be added in the DB.
002 ❤I love Zero Two❤
I have a few things mainly picks up from Ebay but also 2 very special figures coming from my middleman. Still waiting on the Zero Two bunny release date as well. Says June but I feel like its goingg to be delayed much further..

From Middleman:

I have this custom Zero Two figure coming. I am just so excited for this it looks beautiful. I was weary because it was coming from China but they did a fantastic job on the painting. I asked for photos from Zenmarket and I nearly cried seeing it. Looks so great.


From AmiAmi:

Shiro Pop Up Parade :ITEM #740207

I may pick up a few pre-owned I don't know just yet!

From Ebay:

Found some wonderful deals on this Menma: ITEM #116141

and Asuna: ITEM #161954

paid about $25 for each (they didnt have boxes but that is okay by me)

Really excited about Menma shes adorable. ^-^

Also got this Mai Kanon figure because she was $20 shipped... can't pass up that deal!
ITEM #24

And finally this Inori Yuzuriha figure.. I was eyeing this for awhile now and it seems quite rare. Doesn't pop up too often and low and behold one day i am randomly browsing and see her for $43 shipped... She was listed like 30 mins before I checked. I am so lucky! ITEM #111619
Getting a lot delivered since my April order from Amiami got delayed because of one item.

From that order:
ITEM #912961, ITEM #901074, ITEM #901076, ITEM #901077, ENTRY #187465, ENTRY #190381, ENTRY #188298

As well as May's order:
ITEM #813035, ITEM #464685, ITEM #272582, ITEM #3203, ITEM #1826, ENTRY #188599

Plus whatever gets confirmed for release in June.
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