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Hey Everyone!

I'm super new into collecting (mainly Overwatch Funkos) and I am looking into getting more into collecting. I've researched a ton into everything from displays, care, brands, and reliable websites - thank you everyone here who has made this possible.

My next biggest question is yay or nay: subscription boxes? Lootcrate, otaku box, lootaku, and a few other options are what I've seen. Many of them include figurers (yay) at kind of a good price. But I won't know what I will actually get. So my question is, do you use any of these or had any luck with them? Do you NEED to know what you are buying or do you like the curated experience?

Thank you in advance!
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Subscription Boxes?

0%Yes, I still get them
5%Yes, I've gotten them a few times
5%Yes, I've tried one
6%No, but I might try them
35%No, not my thing
49%No, not worth the money
0%It is just meh..I was annoying with payment it don't really full to accept Paypal.
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Ive tried Rightstufanime.com's "Blind Box" items that they have at discounted prices but most of the time the stuff inside is bargain bin stuff that they couldnt sell any other way. I purchased blind boxes for manga and dvd's and most of it was for shows ive never even heard of before.

The loot crate monthly subscriptions are usually random garbage that most people wont use too, the majority of the time your better off buying things you like individually instead of getting those loot crates.
I don't really bother with anything anime/figure-related, unless it were something centered around a series I like. I just don't like the idea of ending up with a bunch of stuff that I don't want and then needing to sell it all. I like food and art supply boxes because it's easier to pass on what I don't like/use to someone else.

I've seen vinyl record subscriptions do something interesting: they reveal the "album of the month" a couple weeks before shipping, and let you swap it for anything else they have in stock if you don't want it (most have an online store as well as the subscription aspect). A figure subscription that did something similar and let you swap figures of similar value, or gave you more of a choice in what you wanted, could be cool, but probably too impractical to actually work well.
I'm not interested in loot boxes. The anime ones usually have stuff I've no interest in or looks low-quality. I don't buy the food or cosmetics ones because I have allergies and sensitivities to a number of ingredients. Don't want to waste a lot of money on something I can't use.
I don't bother for anime loot boxes. If I want something I just buy it myself, and I'm the type who collects more of the goods type objects than figures themselves these days--which is what I hear those boxes give out. If it's not my oshimen, I just don't care...

But on the topic of boxes, cosmetic boxes are where its at.
a lot of them send out bootleg figures, and for the steep price i'd much rather put that money to a figure i know i'll like :^)
Mystery boxes just have junk that couldn't even sell from the bargain bin. Whenever I see mystery box unboxing videos, I think to myself, "Would I buy any of those items individually?" and my answer is almost always no.
I get enough random rng bs in FGO I don't need gacha irl I just want my waifus.
I've received a 3 month subscription as a birthday gift a few times. Most of the stuff isn't that great, but does have some cool items occasionally. Ended up with a lot of junk from series I didn't really care for. At least I'm not the one who actually paid for it
Stay away from lootcrate. I suscribed 2 month ago and have not received a thing. Plus i got an email saying they are being sold to another company and that they Will keep sending boxes but so far I have not received any they owe me 2. The otaku box is all bootlegs but they do have nice shorts. The only box I like so far is the pusheen box. And im waiting for the lootaku one as well that one comes from japan and i heard good things about it.
I tried loot anime before, but it really wasn’t for me. I threw out almost everything I got in it right away since it was mostly sao and other series that I don’t collect. Even if there was one thing in the box, paying $30 for a $10 T-shirt or $5 keychain isn’t the best idea. That said, I really enjoy Tokyotreat because everything in there is tasty, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting money.
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