SO this is pretty much just a random little ramble and i wanna hear your guys opinion

so to get started i guess what do you guys thing of ball jointed dolls in the anime community,i personally love them given im in the bjd hobby outside of anime things and own around 17 resins and 3 vinyls. i find anime bjds are always fun and detailed and tend to reflect characters pretty darn well but they of course put more of a hole in your wallet compared to figures .

1 thing i notice is anime girl bjds are for more popular as Azone and dollfie dream have pretty much dominated official vinyls sales and when i say this i mean official merchandise not custom dolls, the list can go on with those 2 companies alone and not to mention smart dolls anime character releases and the super sonicos from angelphlia vmf50, just i have 1 question


now theres always the fight against resin or vinyl and which is better, for me it doesnt matter and they both always have pros and cons but i just find it odd how it feels almost as if resin dolls are reserved for male anime characters while vinyl mainly dominates the girls in this hobby

if you think about male characters made in a vinyl doll the list isnt too big theres kirito,len,9s,lelouch and suzaku. these seem to be the main ones out of my knowledge but if you think of girls the list is endless not to mention the copious amounts of of different outfits sold after market to change your girls into alternate outfits from the shows

now if youe flip it though and think of anime males in resin thats a big list, Kiyomitsu,Mikazuki ,frost,akito,shin,toma,black jack the list goes on but if you think of female anime girls in resin none of them actually come to mind,now there probably are a few anime based ones but im unaware of

now theres been an argument to the vinyls being more "anime" like and that would be why the girls tend to stick to vinyl but you can achieve the same cutie anime aesthetic in resin as many companies have done

the reason i bring it up is because the price difference can be pretty nuts at time my boyfriend mainly has vinyls and for full sets they tend to run anywhere 400-600 on release but me on the other hand i have to shovel out up too 800-1000 at times for 1 single boy in resin

id want to see more diversity in resin and vinyl id love more vinyl boys (which would be a way cheaper option) and more resin girls, actually that brings up another note, the amount of time you wait for resin boys is so long, azone and dollfie dream seem to just push those dollies out every other week while resin you can get 1 release now and god know when they'll make another character,im not talking the manufacturing period becuse resin takes longer no matter what im just talking the release of a new anime doll, azone can put out 6 dolls for preorder in a span of 2 months while with a resin doll you can get 1 release now and have to wait a year just for a mention of a release of a new character.

i love bjds you can do things with them you cant do with figures and i find the doll scene just seems to grow more each day in this community i just really hope there with be more options with dolls and cheaper alternatives, im still recovering from my avi and rica order which costed $1340 usd

so now it's your guys turn, whats your opinion and take on the bjd hobby in this community, likes,dislikes ect
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The thing is...this kind of thing used to be in the figure collecting hobby too. It might seem unthinkable now but it wasn't that long ago that people used to celebrate and be amazed whenever a male character got a nendoroid. I remember there were people who used to collect male nendoroids and joke about how easy it was because there were less than ten of them, and I know somewhere on this site is a 'group photo' of 'all the male nendoroids' and its very very small. The last few years has been amazing in terms of male characters getting more and more popular as more and more companies realize that it was an untapped market. And that eventually trickled to the vinyl doll hobby too.

There used to be people who would laugh at you if you even said so much as 'I wonder if one day there will be boy Dollfie Dreams!' and even when Len was first announced there were people convinced he would be on a girls body for some reason. 'DD (vinyl) is for men and SD(resin) is for women' used to be the stereotype and was probably the main reason why you only tended to see boy dolls as resins, but thats changed a lot over the years and become less and less true, especially because most of the popular DD faceup artists are women. Now we have Kirito and 9S joining Len, and the boys are now available through Dream Choice and are steadily growing in popularity. It's slow progress, but its still happening, and I'm sure there will be more boys in future. Volks is a company that does things very slowly as they are extremely cautious, and it really does seem like they're putting considerable time into seeing how popular the boys are. Dream Choice gave the boys another boost, so with luck their popularity and demand can only go higher.
Azone seem to regularly be adding to their Asterisk Collection line of male pure neemos and are now collabing with Petworks to make even more male character fashion dolls, like with the Lord el Melloi II one announced at Wonfest. I think its very likely they're start doing more big dolls of boy characters too - they already did Japan from Hetalia as an Azone50cm doll.
(Meanwhile Danny Choo never advertises his smartdoll boys or shows many photos of them at all, or makes much clothing that can fit them, and then has the audacity to complain that they arent popular and thus arent worth keeping as standard dolls...of course they're not popular when you act like they dont exist...)

As for resin waiting times, its because they take so much longer to produce. Vinyl parts and frames can be made in large quantities but resin casting takes a whole lot longer and depending on the size of the company, only a few can be made at once. And thats not even counting the extra time that has to be spent in stringing and painting the dolls. It's that extra time and effort that causes the elaborate resin fullset dolls to cost a lot more.

I think its an interesting time for the hobby because we have companies that are primarily resin like Fairyland and Granado doing vinyl dolls (Anifee and Vindoll), we have more and more resin companies doing resin anime dolls, like LUTS, Aimerai, Xaga Dol etc. I'd personally like to see more anime style boys, whether they're resin or vinyl.
Toshki1年前#65338226I don't know much about the hobby but smart doll is going to soon release a new type of model where they use a harder and cheaper material with a different casting technique (they described it similar to how gunpla is made) it's called smart doll cortex. I'm kinda interested in how that compares to the two most common materials ^^
Just know that Smart Doll in cortex has already been released. Danny has already had these in stock for a while and is currently releasing more of his dolls as cortex version. Based on some feedback, just like vinyl and resin, it has it's own pros and cons... but just know that currently it is only the body that is cortex as the face is still vinyl hence while it is cheaper than both vinyl and resin, it is still pricey. Currently there are different versions of the cortex (pre-built and part-only): Gaia and Mirai.
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I never saw that difference in material depending on the gender. At this point i can't tell which material i prefer. However i think vinyl is a great material for them. Maybe a little soft. And then there is that new harder pvc material from Smart Doll Cortex that Toshki mentioned. It is interesting because of the cost difference.
Some questions are coming to mind: Does the difference in vinyl and resin have that much impact on the looks of the doll? If that is true it is understandable that girls are made of vinyl and boys made of resin.
That there is a difference in the production method between resin and vinyl is understandable. But is resin so much more difficult to made that it takes a lot more time?
(Just questions from someone that started not so long ago with BJD's)
I don't know much about the hobby but smart doll is going to soon release a new type of model where they use a harder and cheaper material with a different casting technique (they described it similar to how gunpla is made) it's called smart doll cortex. I'm kinda interested in how that compares to the two most common materials ^^
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Kuroshitsuji has resin BJDs.

I prefer resin to vinyl, but that may be because I started out with resin.

Also, yellowing really isn't that bad...lol...it may be a turn off but vinyl stains wicked easy in comparison and personally that is a turn off. When your dolls have to wear skin suits, yeah, no. XD
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JoniVera1年前#65337778The resin aging/yellowing is a huge turnoff to a lot of perspective buyers.
Even stained vinyl can be restored to some degree.

it's very common for resin to yellow over age as well so resin and vinyls are the same in that regard
The resin aging/yellowing is a huge turnoff to a lot of perspective buyers.
Even stained vinyl can be restored to some degree.
For male vinyls I deff recommend Smart Doll's Eiji He's currently seasonal because of the lack of interest. Lets give him a push and get him back as a regular. We need more male dolls
Personally I love the Vinyl BJDs, so it doesn't really bother me. I will admit the after market price can be pretty ugly for some of them, but that just goes with the figure collecting.

I think a large reasons most of the licensed or collaboration models tend to be girls is for the same reason figure companies make mainly female figures. They tend to have a higher demand/sale.

As far as the price difference. Where and what brand is your boyfriend getting on release for 400-600? Dollfie Dream has been more expensive recently (Altria/Jeanne/9s/2b/matoi have all started at 700+ and range up to 1000).

Dollfie Dream does not push out a new doll every other week. Maybe a new doll every couple of months on average.
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KyokiPon1年前#65300158This is quite interesting.
I recently got into BJDs~ and even considering
dropping a couple of thousands into the hobby and
had no idea most anime BJD are made of
vinyl~ isn't vinyl a cheaper material? but why
are these dolls going for 1k+ ? is not making
much sense to me.

the vinyl dolls are much cheaper and run between 400-600 but its not common to see male anime vinyl bjds, it's more common for male anime bjds to be made of resin and thats the expensive one,you dont really get a choice with guy anime dolls its almost always resin
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