Review: Moetan - Pastel Ink - 1/7 figure by Griffon EnterprisesReview: Moetan - Pastel Ink - 1/7 figure by Griffon EnterprisesReview

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Review originally uploaded on the 30th of July 2019. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 14th of July 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

This is a review of a figure in an tight-fitting outfit and a bit of a teasing pose, which is why it's marked NSFW !


Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Pastel Ink ENTRY #3741 from Moetan ENTRY #192 ! This figure ITEM #3835 is made by the now closed manufacturer Griffon Enterprises ENTRY #7626 . Here we see Ink in a more mature look than her average figure, so she could be an interesting option if you like this franchise, but find the other figures to be a bit too cutesy.

I will start off with telling some more about her background.


Moetan is originally a series of (joke) English learning books. If you want to see some of the contents of these books, you can look at this older loot blog of mine: BLOG #25997 . The popularity of these books, later also made an anime being made possible. The anime is a parody on the whole loli and magical girl genre and is very recommendable if you want a good laugh while looking at cute characters.

Ink is a young looking girl, although she is 17, and later 18 in the end of the series. She has a huge crush on a boy called Nao. When the chance comes around for her to become a magical girl and transform into another version of herself with different hair color and cute magical girl outfit, she grabs this chance to become close with Nao, without Nao ever realizing that this 'alter ego' Pastel Ink, is actually the Ink he goes to school with.

The reason why and how I got her

I picked this figure up about 10 years ago from a local webshop. I really liked the Moetan anime and had already been eyeing this figure for a while. When she got a big price drop in a sale one day, she was finally within my budget (being a poor college student back then) and I ordered her as fast as I could! She was displayed in my first-ever 'real' display cabinet and I have owned her for longer than that I have an account on MFC! This figure really brings back memories and is one of the examples of Griffon Enterprises making a good figure, that is also why I really wanted to make a review of her. I hope I can also get some other people excited about this figure! :)

Original art

There is no specific artwork this figure was modeled after, but Griffon decided on a more mature looking Ink. The character designer POP ENTRY #8335 , has gone through a lot of 'phases' with designing Ink, which range from her looking like a really young girl, to an actual young adult.



Color-wise this figure was based on POP's original artwork rather than the anime version look.


For people that prefer the box shots, first look and first shots of the figure as a video, please take a look at the inserted video below. For the people interested in pictures: keep on scrolling!

Parts of this video will also appear as gifs during this review!

The Box





The box has a really nice color design with big windows on the front and sides.


On the box there are close-ups of her prototype figure, which has absolutely stunning eyes.



The box has the (probably now famous, thanks to my reviews) mark of the 'Approved By Pastel Ink Cheering Squad', together with a copyright sticker of Bandai Visual Co., Ltd.


When Ink is removed from the box, there is a really cute emblem on the inside fitting with the teaching-theme of the series.

First Look



A big part of the size decision in the blisters is determined by the huge and famous-for-not-a-good-reason Griffon base. Ink herself is not small either, but more on that later.


This figure comes with three pieces:
- Main figure
- Magical wand
- Base

The Figure





Even though we are looking at quite an old release figure, you wouldn't think that at first glance! There are already a lot of details and shading to be seen on this figure from a distance. Griffon bases get a lot of complaints, but with this figure I'm glad they went for a white one instead of the more common black.

The size

When I first got this figure I remember being in shock with her size! Rather than an 1/7, this figure was really more like an 1/6 or 1/5.5! So when you buy this figure, prepare yourself for a huge box and a high amount of shipping costs! Before I continue with the review, I really want to point out her size:


To compare her with two other scaled figures on this shelf, the Ink made by Clayz right behind her is a 1/6 listed scale ITEM #57566 and the Ink made by Kotobukiya at her right is listed as 1/8 ITEM #992 . Now I already knew that the scale Clayz listed was a joke, but seeing my longer-owned huge Griffon Ink next to my more recently acquired Kotobukiya Ink was definitely interesting. As you can see in above picture, this Griffon Ink is a bit more tall than Kotobukiya Ink while Griffon Ink is in a kneeling position. Wow!

Summarized, this figure is huge, which in my opinion is even better considering the price you pay for her while not getting any less details.

Looking at all the details!


The more adult looking expression really makes this Ink stand out from all her other figures. There is a nice amount of blush and shading around her eyes.

My specific copy unfortunately has a small scratch above her nose. At this point I do not know if this is because of quality control issue or a small damage she got over time.



Ink's bangs are sculpted very nicely and the seamline that would otherwise show through the middle of the head of a figure, is now nicely hidden by her cap.

The cap has quite a bit of shading in the yellow parts and overall is very good looking.


The hair sculpt is for today's standards a bit simple, but it's executed very well. There is also a nice amount of shading, from light blue to a darker blue. I also really appreciate how her pigtails look quite naturally placed here, sometimes anime characters have them placed very much to the sides of their head, which is possible, but not really easy or comfortable to wear. The hair has a few 'scratches', which is quite common with older figures and not too noticeable when normally displayed.


The gem on Ink's collar is treated differently by every manufacturer and Griffon decided for a metallic shine.

The paint on the collar looks good at first, but my specific copy of the figure has the yellow line not being straight on the sculpt on the right side (her left) of the collar.

There are a few small scratches in the paint here again on the clothes, but nothing too worrisome.


I remember being really impressed with the amount of wrinkles on her clothing the first time I unboxed this figure. Nowadays we are used from figures that clothes, especially if there is movement, have a lot of wrinkles, but in 2008 this was a lot more rare.

What I also like with this specific Ink is that you can see she has a bit of a chest, we know she is a young adult, so I prefer this over seeing her completely flat. Considering the collar covers up a bit part of her upper body anyway, it also doesn't attract a lot of attention.


The collar has some nicely sculpted wrinkles as well.


The bodysuit has some details of sewn lines and lots and lots of wrinkles in the fabric, it looks nice even for today's standards!



From up close the age of the figure is a bit more visible, there are some minor mishaps in both sculpt and paint.


Ink's arm pieces look to be made of very thick fabric, which makes it quite different from a lot of figures and images making it seem very thin and similar to her bodysuit fabric. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a choice in sculpt to make the chance of defects as low as possible.


Ink's right hand has a very good sculpt for the age of the figure, no seamlines to be seen and the nailpolish is applied very well. Forgot to remove some dust from her thumb, sorry! Something that my eyes do not catch, but my camera does...


The big ribbons on Ink's outfit have quite a bit of shading, from yellow to white to yellow again.


Her back ribbon is similarly shaded. Here we see a couple of small defects in sculpt and my specific copy has a paint chip on the right side of the ribbon.


A nice detail in her posing is that the placement of her left arm, pushes away the left side of the ribbon.


The blue frills on the bodysuit are simple, but do their work well. There is also a surprising amount of shading here. No, that's not dust, that is light blue shading.


A key point of this figure is Ink's left arm that tugs at her bodysuit.

The yellow line of paint at her wrist is a bit uneven when looked at from up close. I do appreciate how the attachment of the arm ribbons looks quite good.


Ink's left hand does not completely reach under the bodysuit. If this was a figure made today, I'm sure that would have been added in the sculpt, but I think it was a bit too risky in production back then. This makes this scene looks a bit weird from up-close, although the 'tugging at the bodysuit' effect looks very good from a distance.


I was actually a bit surprised at this, but when looked at from down below, you can actually see some detail down there.


My specific copy of this figure has a few sculpt and paint errors near the crotch area. Luckily that does not take away from the amazing thighs this figure has. A lot of shading was added on her thighs as well.


If you're into healthy looking legs, this figure really is a treat! I really love seeing Ink with this body type!



This could not be a POP designed character without clunky shoes! The sculpt and paint is not perfect, but it's overall nicely done.



The next thing coming up is only for people buying this figure pre-owned or having her for a long time on display themselves: No matter if you do or do not use the base, because of the figure having no pegs and being directly placed on a surface, the paint will rub off from the knees over time. With my copy of this figure this is visible both on the sock and the actual skin. The only thing I can think of to avoid something like this, is by putting her on a soft base or a fluffy piece of fabric. Now that I have typed this, I might actually do this myself soon!


Ink also comes with her staff, which has no directly indicated placement or can be hold by Ink. It's nice that it was included, but some kind of interaction would have been nice. It would not have been to complicated to let her hold it in her right hand for example.

The staff itself looks very nice and has a high amount of shading. Even some very small details are good looking, such as the cross stitch at the bottom of the staff.


She's very photogenic!


I think this Ink figure has survived the test of time well and can still be very nicely displayed with newer released figures.

The Points

- A very unique looking Ink
- Huge size for her price
- Great sculpt, especially for her age.
- Also great paint for her age, lots of shading is present.

- Her more adult look fits in the series theme, but can seem a bit non canon compared to the original and anime character design
- Some small paint and sculpt issues, which can be forgiven looking at her release date and price.

- Over time the paint will rub off from the knees.

The Scores

Sculpting 9/10
Amazing sculpt for the age of the figure. There are a few nitpicks (such as the left hand not really reaching under the bodysuit) and small errors.

Painting 9/10
An incredible amount of shading, visible on almost every part of the figure.

Posing 9/10
It's a very unique pose, also fitting with the ecchiness the Moetan series has. It's actually a bit surprising how 'tame' most of her other prepainted figures are!

Base 5/10
It's a Griffon base...luckily it's at least made in a white color so it doesn't clash too much with the figure.

Packaging 8/10
Good quality packaging, nicely fitting with the theme and colors of the figure.

Enjoyment 10/10
One of the few figures in my collection that scores an absolute 10/10 in enjoyment. I was incredibly impressed when I got her at first and even after all these years, I still appreciate her a lot. I don't think I will ever let go of this figure. As someone who loves Moetan and Ink, it's a figure showing a bit more of the ecchi side of the series, while delivering great quality.

Ignoring the base, this is probably one of my highest scoring figures ever in a review. I do have to admit that I have a very special place in my heart for this figure, but at the same time, she comes with so little flaws I think she really deserves this score. Griffon has quite a bad reputation, but there are multiple gems they have made, one of them being this figure.


If you're a fan of Moetan and/or Pastel Ink, I highly recommend picking up this figure. If you in general like the design and/or body type of this figure, I would say: Go for it as well! The quality of this figure is very high, don't get scared by the figure having the Griffon name attached to it!


Not incredibly rare, but also not always in stock. Originally released for ¥6,800 (quite an average price back then), she nowadays sells secondhand for about ¥5K. I think that is an great price for the size and quality you are getting.

And to finish it!

I re-arranged my Moetan shelves a bit, with me unboxing so many items from that franchise recently. Here is how this figure is currently set up:


I might move her a bit more to the background and/or on a riser later, considering her size.

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about a Kotobukiya Horror Bishoujo I was looking very much forward to unboxing: Jason Voorhees ITEM #555569 !

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Thank you for reading this review!

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See you at my next review!
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Tsumuro1年前#64652376I have this figure too and It's a nice figure but you might wanna clean it a little. I see a lot of dirt on it when I look at the pictures. Don't know if it looks that dirty in real life but cleaning figures once in a while is never a bad idea!

I'm a bit surprised at this comment as the figure was thoroughly cleaned before photographing for this review. I know my eyes missed some dust my camera didn't, which is noted below the pictures. It might be the editing making her bodysuit more yellowish and ruffles more greyish. There are also some older paint transfers and sculpting errors that would think "dirty" when seen in extreme closeup, for example, this Ink ITEM #992 / BLOG #43051 I unsealed just before writing a review about it and also looks a bit "dirty" here and there.

My experience in general with close-up figure photography is also that dirt will look a lot dirtier and errors on figures a lot more severe. :')
I have this figure too and It's a nice figure but you might wanna clean it a little. I see a lot of dirt on it when I look at the pictures. Don't know if it looks that dirty in real life but cleaning figures once in a while is never a bad idea!
victorviper1年前#64619045Even though Griffon had sort of a bad reputation, this review shows they could make a pretty good figure when they put their minds to it.
The overall quality of the figure is pretty good for an older item, and the more mature look for Ink is a good one.
I was a little bit amazed to see the white base! Except for their 1/2.5 line of Super Figures, I didn't think they ever deviated from the "black oval base with a nameplate" formula.

Their bad reputation is not completely undeserved, but they do have some really nice releases. With this figure it is very clear that the sculptor is very talented. :)

Yeah, I wish there were more mature looking Ink figures! Her body type, especially her thighs, just wow. I would love another figure of her with exactly this look, but different pose. :) That makes me think, as you responded to (almost) all my Moetan figure reviews, do you think you will get a Moetan figure yourself someday? I recommend this one the most for you. ^^

I think I also don't know of any other Griffon figures with a white base except for the ones you mentioned. I guess with this Ink, as her pale knee and white stocking are directly on the base, they thought making the base white was more safe regarding paint transfer?
Even though Griffon had sort of a bad reputation, this review shows they could make a pretty good figure when they put their minds to it.

The overall quality of the figure is pretty good for an older item, and the more mature look for Ink is a good one.

I was a little bit amazed to see the white base! Except for their 1/2.5 line of Super Figures, I didn't think they ever deviated from the "black oval base with a nameplate" formula.
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