留言 Figures that got you into their original franchises

  • I think it's the opposite for me. Or rather the other version. Fate/Grand Order and Dramatical Murder are 2 of the games I most and dearly want to play, because I'm European I can't play FGO. And because I'm underage I can't play DMMD. What I can say is that, Fate got me into reading the original classic books the characters are based on (The Count of Monte Cristo, King Arthur etc.)
    Usually when I get interested in a character design I go watch the series first then decide to buy or not to buy the figure (the character can end up being unlikable even if they're cute or badass from the outside)
    This happened so far with Touhou Project - bought this: ITEM #13800
    Brighter than Dawning Blue - played the VN and had to get Estel after her route ITEM #190 , still need a scale Feena
    Galaxy Angel seemed anime x Star Wars so played the VN and got the two girls I've done routes for: ITEM #5205 (stop leaning pls), ITEM #5203 (after like a year of hunting)
    The newest entry in this series is Date a Live which I discovered during a collaboration event in mobile gacha game. Currently it seems I will never get this: ITEM #769474 (fk that aftermarket price), so waiting and hoping for this ITEM #740447
    yakushining your Highness
    the only reason i got into love live was to give myself an excuse to buy the figures lol turns out i wasn't as into it as i thought so my wallet is saved
    Saekano. I kept seeing these gorgeous figures of adorable characters and tried to watch the first ep (ep 0 the ova) a while ago, and just couldn't get into it. Then after seeing some of the new Saekano figures announced, I gave it another try last weekend and once I pushed through that OVA I absolutely LOVED it. Currently watching season 2, and have already ordered/preordered three Eriri figures (as well as materials for a cosplay for her lol)
    One day while browsing thru AmiAmi's front page I saw that the preorder for ITEM #675904 was up, and for some reason she just... caught me really, really well. Before then I just thought 'Oh Gochiusa just looks like moe trash, whatever', and honestly, although it actually is moe trash, it was way more enjoyable than I ever would have thought it to be as the figure brought me to watch the show itself, and Syaro has grown on me a lot since then along with the show in general, her design and personality is something I really adore and I can't quite put my finger on exactly what.. maybe it's the rabbit theme? ^_^

    So yeah, a Nendoroid pushed me to watch and fall in love with my now favorite moe series of all time, and honestly? I'm pretty thankful it did, 'cause I love Gochiusa now ~ (And I'm finally getting the figure itself after I missed her preorder, woo!)
    Heliodora Collector of the Boiis
    I try not to buy figures from series I haven't watched, in the past I think I bought maybe 2 nendos I knew nothing about and then promptly sold them. The only series I watched just because I bought the figure was Darling in the Franxx, I just loved the smile on the nendoroid so much ITEM #675280
    orderofthenendo World nendomination!
    I've always been odd when choosing what anime/manga/game/etc to get into when I have free time, so now that I'm hoarding figs like a madman I'm taking the chance to get up to speed with things. If I see a figure (usually a nendo) that looks good and cute and affordable, I'll get it, and then watch the source material. So far that's led me a few recent-ish animes that I missed, and some older ones: KLK, Black Rock Shooter, HaruSuzu, Gabriel DropOut, Darling in the FranXX... and I have more on tap, so it's being a really interesting experience.
    As for ones I specifically own and seen the figure for and got into the series in some way to justify buying it because of liking the character design:
    ITEM #16682 watched the anime for her
    ITEM #78407 watched the anime and read the manga for her
    ITEM #740120 saw his prototype and watched cells at work as it aired/plan to read the manga for him
    ITEM #675941 watched the anime for him
    ITEM #178443 watched the anime for him/would play the game
    ITEM #594299 this is the only one I have not played the game for that I own but I would play it for him

    & For figures I dont have (but want amongst others of the characters) that got me into certain series in some way:
    ITEM #396963 read the manga for her
    ITEM #605381 watched the anime for her (tho it was already on my ptw list before seeing this figure) and plan to read the manga
    ITEM #160992 watched the anime for her
    ITEM #78606 watched the anime for her and plan to read the manga
    This figure of Kallen (ITEM #4258) that I came across and bought a few years ago got me interested in watching Code Geass. I was aware of the show before that but, for whatever reason, had never seen it. I had added the blu-ray set to my Amazon wishlist a while ago to remind me to pick it up eventually, but I never pulled the trigger. I finally started watching it this week as it's been released on Netflix. Better late than never... I also recently pre-ordered ITEM #811629 so I'm glad I'm finally getting around to watching it.
    I saw ITEM #638638 last year, and while I had heard of the series, I had never read it for myself. However, I really wanted a bunny figure in my collection, and I didn't just want to buy a figure without liking the original series, so I went out and found the ten count manga and finally read it! I really enjoyed it as I had hoped, and pre-ordered Shirotani shortly after finishing it.
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