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Hello again everyone! I seen that on my last article post, someone wanted to know the things that I bought from BoxLunch so I took some (pretty crappy) pictures. I wanted to respond to them, but since I’m still pretty new to this website, I have no idea how but hopefully they see this!

I didn’t buy much yet I’m still happy with the stuff I got so here’s just a picture of everything I bought then I’ll show each product individually:


I took the pictures when it was dark so that’s why they aren’t the best but here is all of what I bought at BoxLunch. I personally think that they had a pretty good selection of anime merch so I just got what I could.


Here is a Sailor Moon Girls Memories Banpresto figure of Sailor Mercury! What honestly had me buying it was how the box looked (my favorite color is blue so it felt like seeing heaven for the first time) and the fact that I have a figure of Sailor Venus so I might as well start finishing up the collection!


These were actually the first two anime figures that I seen up in BoxLunch when I went there a few days ago and I just knew that I had to have them. Izuku is my favorite character in BNHA and I bought Todoroki because it would have just felt so weird not to buy him with Izuku. (Plus again, I want to complete the collection so I just need Bakugou I think.)


Alright so, I’m a huge Naruto fan. Well, not as huge a fan as my brother is. (I can not count the amount of times he has rewatched Naruto, oh my stars-) Anyways, I love Naruto and when I seen that that Sasuke figure was the only Naruto figure they had AND that it was the last one, I literally s n a t c h e d it as quick as I could. There were so many people and I heard someone having a conversation about Naruto right by me so I just grabbed the figure just in case.


Next one is a Cardcaptor Sakura figure. Let’s just say that I bought this purely based on aesthetic. I’ve never watched the anime before, just heard about it and know details about it so I kinda feel bad since this one was also the last one. I couldn’t help it, the box looks cute and they had the same figure on display and it also looked cute so I just bought it. Hnnnn


Last thing I got (totally not true, I also got a cute small dog plush but it wasn’t anime related so oof) was this extremely cute Todoroki plush. There were a couple of other My Hero Academia plushies but this one really called out to me. This plush would go well on my wall with my Izuku and Katsuki plushies!

Welp! That was my little haul of stuff I got from BoxLunch! I can’t wait to clean my room this weekend so I can unbox and display them! I’m so excited! Thanks for reading <3
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I've never bought the last figure from a series I didn't read or watch. But I'm planning on purchasing plenty of figures over the next few years based on the design quality and overall asethetics, so don't feel bad you are not alone, some figures have appeal lol.

Also I checked boxlunch online store out, there prices seemed high, is it the same in store?

Last thing love the grandista Sasuke figure, kid Sasuke was my favorite version of the character, teenage Sasuke was...he had issues lol
I am not the user mentioned in article, but thank you for the pictures! I read the first article and was curious what you purchased.

Didn't realize the joint sold legit figures besides funko pops! I went to check the nearest location near me and it's 37 miles away. Honestly might be worth it just for the experience. I haven't been in such a shop since I moved states.
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