Photo: Katyusha being KatyushaPhoto: Katyusha being KatyushaDiary


This photo is ... a result of months of labor. Almost all figures seen in this photo are garage kits. There were hard to find, harder to ship them to Canada. It was even harder to paint them since I had no idea how back then.

Then there is the tank, 1/16 scale tank which is huge. Its width is 13inch or 15inch with the gun barrel. The tank is a RC unit. I purchased this tank specifically for this shot. Though another reason was that I wanted to see how big 1/16 tanks were.


I've built over ten Girls und Panzer related tanks now, but they were all 1/35 scale. I figured that 1/16 tank would only be perhaps twice large.

Oh, boy, was I wrong. I guess I didn't take the volume increase into account. Either way, it's huge and heavy.

I've made two versions of this scene. One's the sunset scene. Another is daylight version.


The story behind this scene is like this:

Darjeeling invites the girls for a tea party. Since it is just a tea party, she asks them not to bring tanks. However, Katyusha being Katyusha brings her T-34/85 anyway to a cafe. Alisa is trying to scold Katyusha and Katyusha is arguing back. While other members are either watching the fight or minding their own business.

Below is the scene setup.


I needed some sort of light source for the interior of the cafe. Not having an additional LED light, I improvised my phone's LED light for the purpose.

Well, that's it. Until next time.

If you are interested in the garage kit painting entries, try this link to my website.
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I really love your diorama final result! :)
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Nice setup. 1/16 is very big. The model looks very accurate with the one in the series. (It looks even bigger in your photos when placed next to your figures) Your figures are also looking great. :) I think you did a very nice job with that many figures that have no movable parts and changing expressions.
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