♡ September Loot!~ ♡♡ September Loot!~ ♡

OOF, it's been a heavy heavy month hoooooo boy. This post contains two months' amiami orders (september arrived lightning fast!), but the real killer was the two scales I also ordered from HLJ. Not here yet but HOOOO that was a pretty penny!

Luckily, I've scored a new job so money isn't gonna be so tight anymore! Yahooo~ Bring on more sexy, sexy impulse buying <3

In that vein, let's pop off with some unwise but very lovely buys!


Bought me some lovely lovely LOVELY idol girls as a set for $200. Nana and Nono were definitely the big wants here but who could say no to adorable Airi and her magic bouncing boobies~ All three are so so precious & i'm so glad Nono's tears are so pronounced! Although it would've been interesting if they tried to do a little texture or shine added to them...? Ah well. Nana is a delight and although her exclusive face with those crazy frazzled eyes is super cute, her normal face is just as good! Not even sure I'd've picked the extra face had I the option, anyways.


These pretty boys finally arrived from TOM! Eventhough I knew their scale, I was still shocked at how tiny they are! Yet they have super good quality, so I guess that's why I couldn't properly fathom them bein so little... Anyhow, both fit onto Panty's base & I'm glad I got the pair of them rather than just Black as I'd originally intended. They look so good all up in eachothers' space~

Got three darling nendos this month~


Elf is super duper cute and I couldn't pass on this dumb little lolita chuuni <3 SO glad they had the skirt lifting pose on her nendo. Wish Megumi would get a nendo but I doubt it... really want something with her in the bondage getup but no way do I like her or her design enough to shill out on the scale of her :c And she has at least one stand of it but that'll be a pain to find now in the aftermarket... sheesh. Anyway, haven't tested out the sunlight-activated blush on her yet, but I wish her face was just permanently red :/ Inconvenient to have it fade, and I'm kinda dubious about what effect the sun exposure could have...? I mean in all likelihood tho the only damage would be that the effect eventually stops activating lol

Also picked up Usamimi and Maika!


Bought Usa off depop without her box (& with one of her neck joints broken) for a steal! LOVE how huge her hair is & cant wait to have her matching Rin, such chunky twintails! Kuro, too, of course, but we've all seen a hime cut. Maika can step on me <3. I was concerned that her S! face would look kinda weird on the nendo (and it does), but not in a way that bothers me! love my sugary sweet little domme. she's so smug and she's gonna slap that omurice right in my fuckin face. get you a girl who can do both~!

More chibis!


i can't say I cared THAT much about the Yurucamp anime, but I really enjoyed the character designs! It was fun to learn about camping buuuuut I usually can't say I love any moe anime if it doesn't have some other pull (like good comedy, monster girls, some decent story, a character that especially resonates with me...). So meh. I just didn't feel it this time :(

And yet, I am a major fucking hoe for big eyebrows, and there she was, so there I was.

My big big scale of the blog is my beautiful Tohru!! <3 <3 <3


Oops, she broke...

So yeah, FOTS Japan, amirite? Haaaah... IDK. This company is a big topic of contention right now & I totally get why, getting my figure meh-quality and broken SUCKS. But, let it be known that I actually absolutely stan this company. They're new and FOTs (+ their NSFW label Insight) are totally showing that fact with the iffy quality of their figures, the resin instead of pvc, and especially the packaging. But I think they're starting off really strong and ambitious, and I see them pushing to do figures that no one else is doing at a breakneck pace. Most of their stuff so far has been big scales from beloved IP's that no one seems to be paying attention to, along with some pretty popular shoo-in characters to keep their sales up, and then a BUNCH of original character releases from many different artists, both NSFW and not. Yeah, the sukumizu fetish is... odd. But I can't really complain when they're the only people doing dragon maid, and they're the only people trying to dip into the huge non-Yumi (sorry Yumi) Senran Kagura roster. I'll take whatever I can get, and I don't see anyone else getting on this dick

Besides Pulchra, who, surprise! Have a significant hand in FOTS

Ehem. Anyways. This figure specifically. Right.

Yeah, she broke as shit. 2 horns, 1 twintail, a leg, and 2 fingers. Glued 'em all back together and she's good as new! Regardless of her manufacturing flaws, I still think she's a really nice, lively sculpt! And although it may seem a little off-putting, I like how sort of 'weird' her body looks. She's kinda got these short little baby legs, a really tight dip between her hips and the swimsuit, her kinda squished boobs overflowing out of the little bra cups. It feels nice and imperfect like a real body, and the spillage of her proportions makes the "too small bikini" look just as awkward-cute as it is in real life. Besides, anybody with boobs can totally tell you a time they found a really cute deep-neck halter or a strapless bra or something, tried it on, and then looked in the mirror to find their boobs were not perked up but probably more like flattened and potentially spilling out into the area where tit meets pit.

Tohru's totally ill-fitting swimsuit is... endearing, to me. lol

sooooo, That was a mouthful! (eye-full?) Here's a Shiggy!


Her outfit is maximum cute. How often do you get an anime girl in cute baggy overalls?? Uh, never. She's hittin a super cute futch vibe and I love it. When's the baggy overalls figure of our most iconic futch, Tracer, gonna come out??

More EXQ, let's hear it for Yuzu!!!!


Yasssss, I love my little tomboy baby <3 possibly my favourite EXQ right now because LOOK how much motion they pushed into that!! They didn't have to do that and yet there she goes! god, she takes up an ungodly amount of space but that's fine, she deserves it. she's chillin with Liones right now, and I kinda feel like I need to find another brown cardigan girl to make the shelf...

Next to Yuzu is, uh, Perona. Hm :|


Not sue how I feel about her yet. I don't like one piece, but I've always lovec her design. Still... she looks out of place for me right now and I'm honestly not sure I'm gonna keep her. Give it a couple days, but don't be surprised if I pop up a listing for her. Mweh :( It's a shame cause I thought she'd be really cute in her wedding dress but it's just not doin it for me. Sooo, feel free to message me if anybody wants to adopt a lovely Perona, lol.

Tadah! Halloween Miku arrives just in time! <3


oh man, she's beautiful! Taito really does such a good job with this series, I'm just eating them up. Give me 100 sweet seasonal Mikus <3 This winter looks super lively and cute, and I'm sooooo nutting for the uber-kawaii easter & sakura mikus set for next spring!!

Ooooh, the loot just keeps on going guys!



yes sweeties, you're doing so good ;u;

So. This bitch was ecstatic when she saw these two getting re-released & she couldn't have slammed that mf preorder button fast enough. I'm always torn to bits over whether Hibari or Ryona is my true favourite--Hibari for design and cuteness, ryona for humor & sluttiness... My two great loves, each standing for my two great interests: Kawaii and Hentai. (imagine I'm standing proud in front of a billowing american flag)

Anyways, let's say this is a figure of my favourite slutninja, Ryona! and of course, accompanied by her dear sister Ryoubi <3 Knowing that her boobs basically just say "Please touch", do I wish they instead said something like "Spit on me" or "Doggie bitch"? Yes. Yes I do. But luckily for me, I'm Alex, 20, and I never learned how to fucking read (Japanese). So my illiterate ass can believe her boobs say whatever I want.

If I'm honest, Ryobi is not my favorite. I kinda fucking hate her canon outfit, aka her huntsman's fucking ballgown. I throw that shit out the second they let me dress her up. She feels boring next to Ryona and imo they don't even play up her role as a Sadist very well in the games. She's just too cool. Need my girls to really look like they're enjoying it, and watching her passively call Ryona a sow and give her some blasé ass slaps just isn't my kink I guess. Neglect play not on my menu. And yet... my love for senran kagura in general makes her worth it

Ehem. Wow, who's that sitting at their feet???


Widdle kitty shiro!! Yeah, I thought I was gonna pass, but then cheap, so I bought her. She's very cute but her face feels a little off to me, or like her head seems too tall? The seam between her head and neck also looks abominable from the side so never look there lol. Wish her hair covered it :/ That's life!

Hoooo, finally that's all the figures. Now I can just toss on all my various 'goods' and peace the fuck out.


short summary of items:

Toga looks like a dork, but we love her
Rilakkuma is cute
I love this sonico print, SUPER cute-sexy.
My cheap version of FREEing bunnygirl Ryuko
This Ochaco is EXTRA adorable & I love the artstyle
BEST GIRLS are so fucking cute carrying random foods and exercising?
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Your loot is so adorable! I love the idolmaster figures, especially Nana. Shiro is also really cute!
so many cute photos! love the acrylic stands, froppy is adorable <3
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
azusamukami (6個月前) #41971245I love the Tsuyu acrylic stand!!!! and the Nana fig!!! super cute set up!! if you don't mind me asking though. what photo editor do you use??? super cute!

i use line camera!
I love the Tsuyu acrylic stand!!!! and the Nana fig!!! super cute set up!! if you don't mind me asking though. what photo editor do you use??? super cute!
As always so many cute girls!!! I love seeing your loot posts! I have the same thing going on with my Shiro, really wish they would've at least tried with sculpting the neck lol...
Super cute loot as always, I'm in awe!! WOW that was a lot of breakages on Tohru, but from your photos I would have never guessed, you fixed her up so nice! FOTS really has me on the fence, because getting a broken figure sucks like you said but they do a lot of loli figures that I really like...
New job = mo' money = best news I've heard today, keep at it then~ o/

Fantastic pulls this month, all the Dragon Maid figures look adorable as heck & props to you for spitballing Tohru back together after her arduous journey! ;w; Poor lass needs to stay less fragile in the open sun, hah. I WANT THAT HALLOWEEN MIK- waaait I do have that same Miku ordered, PHEW, yep she's a dazzler & a perfect fit for the spooky season~ And ohhh man! You did it. You secured the salacious SK sisters. TBH I like Ryobi's default outfit (and Ryobi) so nyehhh. :p Likely since we start as her in SK:EV. Although Ryona's certainly the more /engrossing/ of the pair, heeeh~ As her figure clearly demonstrates.

Oh, speaking of SK stuffs, take note that the upcoming SK: Burst Renewal for PS4 has been forced to remove its Intimacy (boob-grabby) mode "at the wishes of the platform holder" (i.e., Sony) for its Western release. Blahhh. Sony's goin' prudish alluvasudden. The game shall release unaltered and intact on Steam, since Valve welcomes animu boobies these days. As such the Steam release suddenly becomes the preeminent version. Something to bear in mind. I prefer gaming on PS4 when I can, but myeh, not at all a fan of Sony's recent trend toward "Puritanism." :/ We'll see how that proceeds...

Oh & I seem to recall somebody scolding someone else about pantsu'd Shiro a few months back, hmmmm. Not that I'm complaining; your kitty Shiro addition just might be the cutest & finest addition of this month. :3c Been eyeballing that one m'self. Real sucker for gorgeous multicolored animu hair. <3 (plus shimapan)
It's too bad that Ryona and Ryoubi are 1/10 scale. If they were 1/8 or larger, I would have gotten them both, but the kneeling poses with the 1/10 scale...I don't know.

In any event, nice loot!
freezermilk (6個月前) #41900365aww, thank you~~ you already plan to watch it, but I really can't recommend it enough! I can't get enough of the sweet family relationship between kobayashi, tohru, and kanna! <3 and it holds a special place in my heart for the relationship between tohru and kobayashi. it's very rare to find yuri that is 1) a legitimate romance/relationship, 2) actually features realistic problems in the relationship, and 3) features girls who aren't straight up moeblobs or ecchi babes (not that those are bad lol). Least of all a combination of all 3!
that ryuko will have to do until one day I get my 1/4 grail *wistful sigh*

If Dragon Maid is really that good, it's probably a good idea if I share this tweet with you.

freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
ChocolateSpider (6個月前) #41895036You loot posts are always so adorbs, especially with all the pink happy effects in your pictures.
That Tohru figure is super cute. I haven't watched Miss Kobayahi's Dragon Maid, but I think I might try ordering some figures if I enjoy it. But I'll be hesitant about ordering this one after all that has happened with it.
I especially like Ryuko in her pink bunny costume. :3

aww, thank you~~ you already plan to watch it, but I really can't recommend it enough! I can't get enough of the sweet family relationship between kobayashi, tohru, and kanna! <3 and it holds a special place in my heart for the relationship between tohru and kobayashi. it's very rare to find yuri that is 1) a legitimate romance/relationship, 2) actually features realistic problems in the relationship, and 3) features girls who aren't straight up moeblobs or ecchi babes (not that those are bad lol). Least of all a combination of all 3!

that ryuko will have to do until one day I get my 1/4 grail *wistful sigh*
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