Custom Figure Commission Experience!Custom Figure Commission Experience!

Hi, MFC! I recently had a custom anime figure made of my husbando, Kei from a Korean mobile game called Soccer Spirits! Although the character's source material isn't an anime or Japanese in origin, I'd like to share my experience commissioning a custom figure with you all. I've made a bit of a journal about the different phases of the commission, along with (helpful?) pointers for anyone interested in commissioning art, be it 2D or 3D. I hope it'll be entertaining and enlightening as well!

Credit for the work goes to the sculptor, ViiStar. You can see more pictures of Kei, as well as videos, on her Instagram!

The Subject
First, allow me to introduce you to Kei - my one true love. (≧◡≦) ♡


Without getting into too much detail about the source material - the basic premise is that the fate of the universe is determined by an intergalactic soccer league. Silly, I know, but they made it work!! I fell in love with his in-game skill set, design, and personality - a super cool goalkeeper that was tough and confident despite being hated by everyone else, who only got stronger and harder to kill the more you attacked him! (ง ื▿ ื)ว He was truly a Never Dying, Galaxy Quaking, Great Wall! (*cough* Those are, uh, some of his ability names in game.)

However, since he isn't a very popular character in the game - and the game isn't popular to begin with - I was very sad that he'd never get any sort of merchandise, so I decided to have some made for myself!

Selecting a Sculptor
When I began searching for a sculptor, I simply searched for custom figure commissions. Many of my results were great, but not a good fit stylistically. I happened upon ViiStar from a post on Reddit. At first, I was a bit dubious since it seemed like most of her work were MLP figures, but after seeing the rest of her portfolio, I was sold because of her great attention to detail and ability to mimic different art styles - from Disney to Bleach to Final Fantasy.


POINT!✪ Pay attention to an artist's consistency and the diversity in their work. This seems pretty obvious, but I've seen some buyers get dazzled by some really beautiful work and neglect to notice other subpar pieces in the artist's portfolio. It's important to me to see that an artist has consistent quality in their work. Similarly, be careful commissioning something outside their comfort zone. A good artist should let you know if they're not confident in their ability to fulfill your request, but you don't want to take the chance especially with something like a sculpture commission. In my hunt for an artist, I passed up several really talented sculptors because they made mostly female or Western-style figures.

The Commission
I asked Vii to create a figure based on Kei's official artwork above. I can imagine how difficult it was to translate this 2D image into something 3D - it's an action-packed pose with an exaggerated perspective that doesn't translate into 3D quite well. It was a good sign to me when she asked several questions about the pose, accessories, and outfit of the figure rather than just taking the reference and making her own assumptions. It took us several days to hammer out all the details and get enough references for the pose, body shape, and accessory details.


POINT!✪ Don't be afraid to dump a bunch of information and references on the artist! It's better to have too much detail to work off of than to have not enough. In my case, since I requested a 3D rendering of a 2D image, I had to provide lots of information about what the back of the outfit looked like and what his feet/shoes looked like (not depicted in the art). This was kind of fun, since I got to "customize" Kei in my own way by coming up with what I wanted.

The Result
It took Vii about 2 months to create this masterpiece! Here's a painted 360 turn video, an unpainted 360 turn video, and my full Imgur album.



Vii did an amazing job translating 2D art into 3D! She maintained the dynamic feel of his pose really well and I was so impressed with how well she was able to sculpt AND paint. She added an incredible amount of detail to the figure - including some things I didn't even notice in the original artwork! I mean - look at the stitches and laces on his boots! ♡ ~('▽^人)


And look at the details on the fingertips of his gloves! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡


And also the wear on his belt buckle!


He's truly a piece that is best seen in person. There are many tiny details and nuances in the paint shading that are difficult to capture well with a camera (and my poor photography skills). I really need to set aside time and do a proper photoshoot with him - these photos were snapped hastily and excitedly when I received him.

POINT!✪ Don't be afraid to speak up if something looks wrong. In my case, one of the progress shots Vii sent me didn't look quite right - she had made the soccer ball too small and changed the positioning of his hand. It can be a bit scary to bring up issues with artist if you're worried about accidentally insulting them or incurring an extra charge for changes, but it's better than having something you're not completely happy with. And most artists will be more than happy to make tweaks and changes where reasonable.

I'm sure many of you are wondering how much this ended up costing. For this 8" figure and his custom base, I shelled out $1000 USD + shipping. Although it was initially quite shocking to spend that much, I found the price very reasonable considering the amount of work put into it, the quality of the result, and the fact that I was paying for a one-of-a-kind figure of my favorite character. I'm extremely happy with my decision - I'd rather have this one well-made figure of my favorite character of all time than 10 other figures of characters I just liked or thought looked cool.


I'm not sure I will be commissioning another custom figure any time soon, but it's thrilling to have my very own Kei figure - the only one in the entire world (that I know of)! ^^ He's currently awaiting a personal acrylic display case - how could I make husbando share shelf space in my detolf, after all?

That's all for now! I hope this was interesting and maybe even educational for some of you! Now, I'm off to go stare at Kei some more ~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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I'm blown away by how dedicated you are to your husbando. This was a fascinating read, and I'm so glad your commission turned out positively.
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Wow, he turned out fantastic! This was really interesting, thanks for sharing your experience with customs like this. It's obvious you put a lot of time and effort into researching artists and I'm glad he turned out so well!
freshringo (1年前) #31342300

Nice to hear the DokiDoki meme club left some sort of impression. LOL I think I've run into some DarkAbyss members while climbing PvP, but I haven't noticed any lately.

Oh yes, back when Meta was the CM queen. Yesss, I love Thyresis's art. <3 I agree, Soccer Spirits designs are what lured me in, and so many of them would make great figures. I also had a dream about Jiho's E art (with all the swirls) being a pre-order. TTwTT

Yes, of course! If you ever take some glamour shots of Kei, please post them here! I love figure photography. And thank you! I'm going to be graduating soon, so I hope I can save up for something like custom figures or have time to work on them after. A set of figures of your team would be the dream, wouldn't it? LOL I would also love a trading figure of Ogre for the memes.
I loved this blog! I used to be addicted to Soccer Spirits, and Kei turned out really great!!
xTAZORx Diane Lover
It was interesting to read your blog, I'm quite interested on commissioning a figure of my favourite waifu, Diane of Nanatsu no Taizai. I'm starting to lose hope about seeing a figure of her, though there's figures of other characters and it's a fairly popular anime, but no one wants to make figures of her -_-, there's one announced by Union Creative, but it was 3 years ago and no news since then, so...

If there's nothing at all in 2 or 3 years I might be interested in commissioning one even if it means paying 1000+$
Veila (1年前) #31342235
How funny that I would meet another one of Vii's commissioners on here ^^ <3
She's really remarkable - I was really blown away by how well she can sculpt in many different styles. I'd love to commission something from her again one day!

kyokohitaka (1年前) #31342286
Ahhh, I'm glad to find another SS fan on here! <33 I played for several years from before the 1st anniversary as well but I stopped a while ago. Your name is familiar, and I've definitely seen your club name around before in game ^^ I used to be a member and eventually president of DarkAbyss when our old leader left.

I have many mental scars from facing Metatrons mid back in the day, but I can't deny she would make a beautiful figure. ^^ I'd love to see something like you described, or maybe something like Thyresis's Metatron art, with a mirror behind them? <3 SS has some of the most beautiful and unique character designs I've seen in a while, I think many of the characters would translate into amazing figures!

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog! I hope you get to have one made of Jean and/or Elaine one day, they're both awesome characters! (Although, I still also have scars from when Elaine was super OP on release...) One day I'd like to have my whole team made but...that probably won't happen XD;;
I saw your post on the subreddit, but forgot to post anything before it felt like it was too late. LOL Glad you posted here!

I'm so in love with this. I'm a huge fan of Soccer Spirits (KyokoH on Global, pres of DokiDokiSpirits, been playing since a bit before the first anniversary), and I loveee merch. I've legit had dreams of having Soccer Spirits figures on pre-order, only to be disappointed they don't exist when I wake up. LOL I think the most extravagant figure I've dreamed of would be the Metatron skin--it'd be a pair figure with a clear "mirror" separating them as part of the base. *A*

Thank you for sharing your figure with all the amazing pics + I'm so happy ViiStar shared all those WIP pictures! The end result is great! (Also thank you for sharing how much you spent; I am seriously considering commissioning one (or a pair figure) of my husbando Jean (x Elaine) from someone.) I would like to give it a go 3D sculpting myself, but even if I got that far, I'm sooo bad with paints. OTL

Anyways, congratz on your husbando!! I'm so jealous. >w<
How cool! Vii's work really is incredible. I commissioned a teensy little Larsa from her last year, and the detail is just mind-boggling. Glad you were able to get your dream figure! :D
Wow, that looks amazing! Your dedication warms my heart! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have an obscure husbando, I got quite lucky that my heart fell upon a character from a popular series, but can't help who we fall in love with just for the sake of merchandise eh? ;;
Takasugi (1年前) #31342093
Those are super cute and really well made! :D I love the detail on the gunner.
Wow that's really nice!! :'> I've commissioned some figures myself, small ones though. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://s5.postimg.org/ql421zzfb/image.pnghttps://s5.postimg.org/u4pzrt9uv/image.png
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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