Would you buy figures without the plastic that holds them?Would you buy figures without the plastic that holds them?

I've been trying to think of ways to help myself and friends who don't have lot of space figure out how to make space to store boxes without having the boxes feel overwhelming. Yet at times even with the never ending tetras it still does. There always comes the option of throwing the boxes away and storing the extra pieces in little separating containers. But there's always the fear that one day they/I want to sell a figure for whatever reason and it may be harder because the box is gone. One person came out with the idea of throwing out the plastic inside of (example) nendroiods and just keep the outside box. To keep the the proof that the figures is legitimate figure and not a fake and still have more room.

Question is would anyone be willing to buy a figure(s) without the plastic inside, but still including the original box?

Also any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you!
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Would you buy figures without the plastic that holds them?

  • 15%Yes
  • 36%No
  • 6%Only Nendroiods and small figures
  • 10%If it's rare
  • 21%Yes, with a reduced price
  • 13%Yes if it's was provided enough protection.
  • 0%Only if it is possible to pick up the figure in person.
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I'd buy even without a box. I mainly collect figma, and while I keep boxes, I do not go out of my way to get them. Boxes are nice and everything, but the main attraction is the figure itself.
Though without the original plastic I'd still expect some sort of defence, which will protect the figure during its journey across the planet.
Depends. I ordered ITEM #98665 without the box or blister packaging plus a discounted cost, and all of the pieces were bubble wrapped. Arrived without any issues. However, I have received several brand new figures with damaged boxes, so if the blister packaging was not included then the figures would have definitely been damaged. I say include the blister packaging unless you feel confident enough to just bubble wrap everything when shipping it.
Yes, I would so long as the figure is packaged and protected well for shipment.

However, people will want to pay less for the figure if it does not include the blister packaging.

And I'm not one to care so much about whether the items I am buying are new, have been on display, or have box damage if the condition of the figure itself is nice. But a lot of people do care about that type of thing. So the market you have available will be smaller and the price point will need to be lowered.

If you really are pressed for space, I would probably only do so for figures I'm absolutely sure I am planning to keep.
I sold a figure without the box and bubble, at the buyer's request... But it was a Super Action Statue, not needing a lot of extra protection. For me it might depend on the figure; if its really delicate and not likely to survive a trip cross-country just in bubble wrap and a box... Probably not. A nendoroid? Sure.
I did once, and my figure arrived broken. So no.
While the box contributes to the value, I personally want the blister so I can keep figures safe while moving. I used to throw away boxes due to lack of space, but I wish I'd just MADE space for them due to breaking figures during moves. If the price is reduced significantly then I would consider it on a case-by-case basis, but I certainly wouldn't buy it at full price. I would be more inclined to buy figures that can be broken down (Nendoroid, Figma, Gundam) for easier transportation than a scale figure with easily breakable parts. Scale figures with very delicate parts...I'd probably require the blister.
I am mostly inclined to say no. If it includes the box, I would expect and want the plastic packaging; It is the best way to ship it safely and store the extra parts and is the more-complete product. However, I would consider it if it was stated up-front, it was a bit cheaper, and I think you have a good point on it providing some authenticity to the figure.
I have bought a figure that I thought had the blister and it didn't, but it had the box. I wish I had known. If the price is low enough sure, but i want to be told up front. The figure was fine cause it was well packed, but still.
The thing about boxes is they need that plastic to properly store the figure. Without it the whole box may as well be gone. Technically the plastic is most important since it's custom for the figure. To me, if I'm worried about maintaining a figure's sell price then I'm considering selling it so I never should have bought it anyway. Not going to maintain my property a certain way to please someone else. And in my experience a lack of box does not have a significant impact on sell price at least in the US market.
Absolutely not.
Even if you lower the price, the figure has to survive shipping.
Plus I don't buy things opened in general.
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