Super Sonico - 1/7 - Christmas ver. by Vertex Review [NSFW]Super Sonico - 1/7 - Christmas ver. by Vertex Review [NSFW]Review

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The holidays have long since come to a close, and while my wife and I had hoped to have this figure on time last month to fit the Christmas theme, it was just too much to ask. However, that didn't deter our excitement when she finally showed up today!

BOX: 10/10


To begin, her box is just adorable. Pink is the last color that comes to mind when I think of Christmas, but entwining it with reds, greens and whites as it turns out fit crazy well! I also didn't expect it to be so wide, but I should have prepared myself after seeing Tsuji Santa's pictures of it on Twitter last month.

As you can see, her head sort of came detached from her body during shipping, which isn't a big deal as its supposed to come off. Though, it did freak us out a bit as we thought she was broken lol

Per usual, AmiAmi packaged the box very nicely, tons of cushion and the figure box itself was undamaged.

She also came with the postcard which is just as cute!


Once we put her together... she looked amazing!

SCULPT: 9.9/10



Her sculpt and paint job turned out incredible and immaculate. She's one of the few figures that came out looking exactly like the prototype (in a good way).

Her hair is wild and very dynamic, but be very careful! The ends of her hair strands are extremely sharp and should be handled with lots of TLC. I feel like just looking at them could make them snap off...

From her belt and tiny trinkets, everything has attention to detail. Even the little gingerbread man you can see in the pictures have carvings in him for his face and tiny buttons! How cute is that?

What I especially love is how her coat and bra have that fluffy texture to give it that soft fuwafuwa feel.



(yes, that's our tiny Christmas tree that was on life support waiting for Sonico so we could take pictures of her with it T_T)

My wife doubted that she would be cast-off, but imagine her excitement when it turns out- she is!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/01/09/1898393.jpeg

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/01/09/1898403.jpeg

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/01/09/1898404.jpeg

Sonico's nipples on this figure are probably the pinkest I've ever seen them! They're super cute and even have an indent in them, which is a nice little detail I appreciate (hehe).

PAINT JOB: 10/10

While observing her, I noticed little to zero paint flaws, however, there seemed to be a scruff of black marks on top of her head.


It's something that an magic eraser could easily take care of, but it was still frustrating to receive it with a flaw after the delays and wait. Regardless, her hat covers it up anyway so it isn't as dire as, say a broken piece.


The small presents, macaroons, gingerbread men, mini-snowman and candy cane are such tiny additions that Vertex could have easily half-assed their paint jobs, but I'm so happy they didn't. Their colors don't bleed over at all, even with their small size.

Sonico's stockings also came with a sleek, glossy finish, which feels soft and nice to touch.

Overall, I would consider this figure to have a perfect paint job, which is not something I get to say all the time!

BASE: 10/10



I'm glad Vertex went the route of a nice, simple fluffy base! The pentagon shape is pretty unique and I'm glad they didn't give it just another circle base.

The snowman head Sonico is sitting on (god i wish that were me) is nice and sturdy leaving no room for her to get unbalanced. Also, look at that face! Such a lovely face.


Before assembling and manhandling Sonico, I'd like to make a list of things to be cautious about while assembling her.

1. Sonico's bra top is not held together. The cups come off on their own for the cast-off feature, and there are adhesive stickers on the inside to keep them in place. Vertex was also so kind as to include extra adhesive tape in the case the ones already placed inside wear off over time. I found that if you place them carefully enough, the bra will stay on its own, but just be careful as they do fall off incredibly easy.

This is probably my one and only real complaint about the figure aside from the aforementioned black marks. I wish they could have just made a separate breast set like they do with a lot of cast-off figures now, but I'm guessing she already came with so much it would have cost more.

2. The snowman base Sonico sits on is VERY heavy. I was actually kind of shocked when I picked it up at first. You can probably bludgeon a burglar to death with it is what I'm getting at, so be careful when picking it up out of the blister.

3. Don't be alarmed if the top of her headphones suddenly fall off, it doesn't mean she's broken! You can display Sonico either with her headphones like normal or with her hat. We opted for the hat, of course.

4. This Sonico is listed as a 1/7 but she has the proportions of a 1/5 or 1/6. This is her next to ITEM #396190 and ITEM #98781 for comparison.



In short, SHE BIG. A lot bigger than my wife and I anticipated, so we had to put ITEM #492868 away in order to fit her on our Sonico shelf.


If you were planning to display her, definitely make room in your collection because she's quite a bit of a space-hogger.


I understand the frustration and impatience everyone had with Vertex. This Sonico was delayed 4 times IIRC, so it definitely bothered me and my wife as well.

However, instead of rushing it out, I'm very happy with how they took their time to get this out to us. This is definitely one of the best Sonicos we own and it was worth the wait.

This was my first written review on MFC, so I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading, and here's to 2018!

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monyetbanget2年前#30903919personally which one do you think better, this one or clumsy sonico the one from native?

Hello! I really enjoy both of them, tbh, as they're both of high quality and definitely worth their prices. However, I think I personally enjoy the Christmas one more simply because of how much she comes with and how dynamic her pose is. :3c
personally which one do you think better, this one or clumsy sonico the one from native?
Hentai_Son Cool Guy(tm)
I'm so excited; she is so much larger than I thought <3 Hopefully she gets to me soon :'^)
The scale is so hilariously inaccurate, "1/7" my ass haha
I like that she's so big though! Thank you so much for sharing, looked like she turned out very cute!
Thank you for this review. I am still waiting for mine, but I am so glad to see the final product turned out so well. And thanks for confirming that the box would be pretty big as I suspected.
Thanks for your review!
This sonico is very nice!it's really a beautiful item .. the quality seems perfect
I love her, i'm envious of you
> 3<
your christmas tree is so cute
This is one of my favourite illustrations of sonico and I had no idea it got a figure! Thanks for this, added her to my wishlist now :)
she looks so nice and festive! i love your collection of sonicos too, super enviable
Had an inkling that she was cast off XD (thanks for the revfiew to confirm it :D)
victorviper2年前#30892780Thanks for this review.
I'm on the fence about this one, as I already have a Christmasy Sonico (the Alter one), but your review kind of makes me want to get this one too, particularly since she is a little bit bigger than the listed 1/7 scale.
They did such a good job with her shorts/hot pants/whatever you want to call them! They look like a stretchy PVC/latex material, and I like the hot pants+belt combination!
I'm holding out hope that the companion Pochaco ITEM #380646 will eventually get released as a PVC figure. If so, I'd have to add both this Sonico and that Pochaco figure to my shelf!

Thanks a ton! I'm also hoping for the Pochaco companion figure, they would look super adorable together!