Log_#4//Case File: Maria - 17/10/2017Log_#4//Case File: Maria - 17/10/2017

(The last of my log entries, since I'm not comfortable with the reception they've received. I'm gonna wrap everything up)

It's been 37 days that we've been without light service. Whenever you google hurricane Maria, the reccomended articles are disheartening.

The president has made an apperance in which he threw toilet paper at people. The vice president came as well, really close to my house. Only to then get on his fancy plane to watch a colts game (which he left in protest).

Morgues are full of bodies that have yet to be identified. There's leptospirosis, lice and whatever else may rear its head soon. Just yesterday there was flood due to rains.

People are suffering, while the president keeps reminding the world we have a 78 billion dollar debt. A predatory debt that took advantage of flawed politicians.

Pray tell, how will an island of 3.5 million people, 45% of which are under the poverty line and 11.5% unemployment rate, are supposed to pay such an astronomical debt? They brought in a fiscal control board to oversee our spending. And so far, their amazing ideas have been to strip basic services, close down schools, lower the minimum wage to 4.25$ to people under 25 and so forth.

We are the abused step-daughter of the United States. Too small to fight back the advances of her father that assures her he knows best.

Meanwhile 75,000 veterans are still living in refuges after Maria. FEMA tarps are nowhere to be found and people are having to bury their dead in the backyard of their homes.

And so I retreat to myself to not go crazy. In regards to my figures, I'd boxed them all and placed them where I figured they'd be safe. And for the most part they seem to be. I have noticed some wet boxes, but I dread the task of going through each one to fully assess the damage.

At the moment, I am slowly rebuilding what it means to be me. It's gonna be a tough journey figuring out what to do, but we've already started the search for a new home, getting the neccesary help and reclaiming what little normalcy there is.

This is Pekola, signing out.

EDIT: That's all folks! Closing out the comment section because I figured something like this might happen. Geez.
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