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Collectors Dillema of preservance vs displaying.Collectors Dillema of preservance vs displaying.

I have been collecting figures for many years now and some I've displayed while keeping most of them boxed. Lot of those have really nice boxes that are a waste to just discard them, but lately I've been having conflicting thoughts about it all. What is the point of keeping them in the box, which would actually prevent me from ever seeing the figure displayed or how it actually looks like. But on the other hand a part of me feels it would be a waste to take them out of the box.

I have opened a few boxes already but I just can't bring myself to throw away the box since it looks really nice, but if I keep the boxes then it takes up even more space.

Metal Gear Solid figures come to mind when I talk about keeping the figures in the box. I am a huge MGS fan and to me for some reason it seems like if I take the figures out of the box I'd be throwing away something that is a part of said collection. But on the other hand I'd really like to display those figures as then it would be a part of that world sitting on my shelves and take me back ton a nostalgia trip when I played those games. Hope that made sense.

I guess my question would be if anyone else had a dilemma like this or how do you guys go about boxed figures. Do you take them out or keep them in the box?
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Well, I take most figures out of their boxes so I can place them in my room more freely. That's what they are made for, anyway. Besides, figures in boxes are quite a pain to display - I do keep the boxes stored away in a separate place, though. Only six of my figures were never unboxed: This Nozomi, for no reason at all. I just never bothered to unbox her^^ This Asuka, because she actually looks very good in her box. This Sena, for the same reason as Asuka. Also, I think about selling her one day, so I want her to still be in the best possible condition for her future new owner. Then there are two Ghibli Kodamas I don't really like, so I just keep them in their boxes as bookends. And then there is Agnes... I totally forgot I actually own her until I started writing this XD
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My thought is that I want to own these to open, look at, set up, and display. What's the point of keeping them in the boxes? I'd may as well just look at pics online and not buy them at all. I only don't open if I'm thinking about selling right away (after an impulse order!)
Space and Money - That are the two things a collector runs out :D

I think it depends what is your Goal of collecting.

If you collect as an "investment" you never should open a sealed Box or Packing.

If you collect because you like to own, watch and show (like most of us) then you should take it out of the box.
If you have a Showcase it will protect them good. And I heared that figures in boxes also can get damaged. I guess it's a reaction of the plastic.

I also have all Figures and Items unpacked. I think hardcore Collectors would crie on some Items. ^^

I store alle Boxes and Packages, even the bags of Straps, on a suspended ceiling in my Storageroom. Every space is used. It's like real-life-Tetris :D

So if you are able to keep your boxes I would suggest to do it.
You'll maybe need them if you move or plan to sell some.
I take everything out. I buy it to display it, so I don't really have a dilemma in terms of unboxing stuff. I keep my boxes as I intend to move one day, and it'll be a pig to move stuff if I don't rebox it.

I'm also accruing quite a pile of box:

Not all the containers in that pile have boxes in, but the majority do (all but a couple of the plastic tubs).
yeah, i think about it a lot. Thats why i wish i were rich enough to buy double copies of figures (one to display one to keep the box). Ultimately though I decide to display them most of the time. I still keep the boxes though for several reasons.
1) in case I ever want to re-sell
2) sometimes I switch and display them in the box for a while when I feel like it or dont have space on a display shelf
3) moving purposes
GodlikeSascha (1年前) #25386177If you keep everything boxed in efforts to preserve it, all you're going to do is worry about how well it's being preserved... you're not going to enjoy it because it'll just be a source of stress. Life's too short to stress. I unbox everything.

Ose_93 (1年前) #25377624Personally, I prefer taking figures out of their boxes, the only reason I would keep them in box is if a) I need to find a place for the figure. I wouldn't take it out until I find a spot to display it. b) I didn't like the figure as much as I thought I would and am planning on selling it.
I throw out boxes for cheap prize figures, or at least throw out the cardboard instead and flatten the boxes. I keep the blisters and boxes of scale figures. If some day you decide to move, it will be easier to put the figures back in their boxes. It's also good to have them in case you ever want to sell. Not having the box will lower the value.
For me it's a waste to keep figures in boxes, I want to take a look at the beauties I have purchased. But I do know some people like keeping things in boxes. My sister was one of these people when she was a figure collector.
If you do this, however, it's a good idea to air out the figures every now and again.

That is exactly the thought I'm having more and more lately,what is the point of collecting the figures if I am never going to be able to see and enjoy them. As I explained before with MGS, I took the liberty against my own feelings towards it to take my Metal Gear REX and RAY out of the box and it has started to feel like a part of that world has come to life and I like that feeling.

I've done the same with a few collector's Edition figures from some of my games, like the Deus EX one, Witcher 3 Geralt figure. And it seems liberating to finally have those on display in my glass cabinet.

The only ones I am still struggling with taking them out of the box would be the rest of my Metal Gear Solid collection and of course some other figures that I don't like as much as I used to or not at all I still keep boxed as well in case I wanna sell them. Truth is I have never sold anything in my life nor would I know how to go about it to be honest.

Then there is also the figures I am on the fence weather I want to sell them or not, since I kinda still like them but then again also not as much as I used to.

My space is limited since I don't have a basement and my apartment is not that big sadly.
I have a particular habit of opening the boxes, taking the figures out of the blisters, assembling and putting the figures back in the boxes, because I don't have a display cabinet yet and I want to protect the figures from dust. However, not so long ago, I've started using some clear plastic cases to display some of my figures, because that way I can keep them out of the boxes while protecting from dust. So far, I'm keeping the empty boxes, but I see that space is going to be a problem sooner or later.

I understand your feelings towards the boxes. I also like to keep the figure boxes because I like the design in most of them and I feel that a figure is incomplete without its original box. However, keeping your figures in the box is a waste too, because you're not enjoying the best that the figures can give. In my opinion, having a figure displayed in its full glory is way much better than just seeing them inside the box.

It's a hard dillemma indeed. Keeping the boxes for a growing collection is an issue, because space is not infinite. So, some sacrifice will be necessary at some point.
I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum here and don't care too much for the boxes. I recycle all of the boxes. First, I just don't have the space to store them. Second, I just don't care to keep boxes everywhere.

I do however cut out portions of the box for backdrops and decoration. Here's my desk at work with nendoroid cutouts and ones from scale boxes too. I cut them out with good scissors and an exacto knife for small and fine details. These are all held up on my cubicle wall with tape.

I keep the boxes of import stuff for potential resale or moving. But I take them out! If they are poseable figures, they need to live and move!
If you keep everything boxed in efforts to preserve it, all you're going to do is worry about how well it's being preserved... you're not going to enjoy it because it'll just be a source of stress. Life's too short to stress. I unbox everything.
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