Anyone else give up hope on Fate Grand Order WW release?Anyone else give up hope on Fate Grand Order WW release?Diary

So Fate festival is on today! Hoorah... but still region locked to North America.

Was anyone else hoping we’d see a worldwide release date for Fate Grand Order at the festival? I am actually considering holding off buying anything related to FGO until it’s announced, region lock is disgusting imo.

Please Aniplex ;_; this is the new SMT4
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Why?? NA ver. Not enough?
It's a miracle we got a NA release at all so don't hold your breath for other regions anytime soon.

Are you on ios or android? The former is a bit more hassle of making a NA account but the latter is relatively easy with apk

anyway. Here's a step by step courtesy of reddit www.reddit.com/...
get the F/GO US APK
APKpure should have it, and there's tutorials that show you how to get an APK working, so just google for that as well if you have any trouble installing it. Region lock is easy enough to get around on mobile with full functionality of the game, that it basically is worldwide.

Rerolling with APK might be a pain, but you should be able to input an account recovery code on APK though I'm not sure so look that up. There's an account trading reddit, r/GOtrades/ where you can buy 5* starter accounts most of which are <$10 (my Waver+Carmilla account was $7), and there's also account giveaways, mostly 4* but sometimes 5* so keep an eye out for free 5*!
I had to make a Japanese iTunes account for mobile TouRabu, so I imagine you could do the same thing for Grand Order, but with a US account.

For iTunes you can't just swap to a different store, it has to be a brand new account on a different email to work in the store you want.
There are ways to download games from the app store even if they aren't in your region. I'm not sure on exact details for getting US stuff, but try googling? I had used QooApp to download a bunch of JP region locked games before.
what are you talking about, worldwide release means only in america silly
I'm still waiting on Europe, so I can play on my ipad.
Till then I'm using the .apk file to play on my phone...
waiting on the USA to be sensible, is a time-devouring task, as is waiting fir the impeachment of Trump.
I played this in Japanese and it's nothing like SMT IV. IV wasn't a great game but at least it doesn't run out of content after 5 hours and devolve into pay2win gacha nonsense.
I can play this and Im from EU. You just need to download the .akp and allow your device to install apps from unknown sources.

But I agree it's a pain because every time the game is updated you need to download the .akp again.
What I don't get is my OS (iOS 9.0+) is suitable for this game but my device (iPhone 4s) is not.
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